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"Leinné" is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné", a passion for living, a desire to see the world with courage, passion and intuitiveness. We make our accessories for travel from linen, cotton and natural raffia, wheat braids….. Our hats and bags are woven by hands by experienced craftspeople who have been working in our atelier since we first started 20 years ago, we work together to make objects that are both beautiful and timeless.


Raffia is native to the land Madagascar in Africa. We brought it to Vietnam for making Leinné hats and bags. Raffia fibre is considered one of the best natural materials, it doesn’t shrink when it comes in contact with moisture or sunshine. Especially, it is a material that has the ability to decompose without being cruel on the nature.

Its natural color is yellow-tan hue. It looks like straw but has huge differences in quality. There are certain anti-uv natural fibres that are rare in nature. And raffia is one of them.

These raffia fibres are hand-woven into Leinné hats and bags by our experienced craftsmen. Besides, their soft, pliable, strong nature makes them so easy to renovate. It is possible to bring your old hat to Leinné for being reheated and ironed to a new form.

At Leinné, the creation of our designs is challenging but also enjoyable for our craftsmen as they can show their creativity in every design.

Great products are sometimes created spontaneously. Our craftspeople tell us they really enjoy the process of creating a new design or renew old ones. Leftover small pieces can sometimes be great moments for great ideas being born. This is one of the ways that Leinné's products are created, thanks to the uniqueness of raffia and the infinite creativity of our experienced craftsmen.


We believe every artisanal object is a personal love affair. When you touch Leinné products, you will feel the sensation from carefully-crafted, hand-sewn lines and the seams. You can also smell the natural materials, and hold it to feel this personal connection.

Each product shows its own character and spirit of Leinné people. When you look closely at Leinné hats and bags, you will find the arrangement of light or dark shades on each hat unique, reflecting the creativity of our people.

We believe the products carry the unique spirit of the brand and the people who make them.

Therefore it is very important to have good working environment, where physical, emotional and spiritual experience is cared for. Our workers also have monthly cultural experiences such as meals and day trips in town together.

Craft products are never a mass produced ones. It takes hours for craftsmen to create smooth and complete weaving lines on Leinné hats and bags.

We invest time and effort to make each product thoughtful, it is not only about the beautiful appearance we aim for, but also our customer experience, our happy people, our care for the environment, and our contribution to the society.

Over the past 20 years, Vietnamese craftmanship has always been our core value.



A great hat frames the face and enhances the beautiful mystery of a woman. And a bag is a great companion on many journeys that a woman has been.

The items that we carried during our journey always carry the experience of the outside world and its relation to our inner self. After coming back home, we keep them as good memories we had, as proof of a change, a decision we made, in a particular period of our life. Then someday, they suddenly catch our eyes and make us smile.

Our mission is to keep these special things to you intact when time passes. We give our customers a detailed guide to help you with the maintenance of these lovely items from natural materials.

And if you need a refurbished and reformed bag or hat, Leinné has great craftsmen who can help you.

Something brought you to us, and we will call it destiny, like any friendship. From now on, we believe that our relationship begins.

If you feel the connection with Leinné accessories when you put on them, welcome to Leinné universe!


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