Year-end gift baskets for Membership

Leinné Year-End Gift Basket is designed to reward our loyal member with gifts from the harmony of nature, thoughtfully putting together as a gift set for an authentic gifting experience to your family and friends, or the clothing & accessories design that you dreamt of for yourself for a long time finally available in the Leinné Year-End gift basket.

Every year in November, we offer our members a chance to choose the rewards they like via the points they collected during their membership.

*A gift list can be different according to each region, since each store carries different stocks. The list on this page is for reference only.

A similar list will be sent by our sales representative to you at the end of the year.

*The year-end gift basket is for current members only. Please make sure your membership is current and continuous to fully benefit from the year-end point exchange.

The gift sets

Leinné cherishes the natural gifts and harmoniously blends with the unique from raffia materials, thoughtfully putting it in different themes for the Leinné gift set. Every item in our gift set is carefully selected and crafted under Leinné craftsmanship to preserve the sweet and original taste of nature, creating an authentic gifting experience for your family and friends to welcome a new year filled with happiness and peaceful moments.


A meaningful message for a joyful new year with your loved ones

Crafted in the Blossom gift set are the suppleness of dried soursop, a touch of scent from the jasmine tea, the sweet and sour taste of citron tea, and the softness of cotton material of the Lola keychain. The symphonic blend of the raffia material softens the squareness of the Blossom gift basket body. With the Leinné Tết Blossom gift set, your sincere wishes will be carefully delivered.


Welcome a peaceful new year with your family and relatives

This gift box delivers the purest feelings with a thoughtful selection from Leinné: from the rich flavor of the macadamia nuts to the sweet affection of the coffee blossom honey. The truthful love of our family is spread through the rice fermented drink and the simplicity of the raffia coaster. With handcrafted details as close as the heartful bonding our family has for each other, the Reunion gift set is the most precious wish for our beloved ones.


Join Leinné with the hope for a new year filled with joy

The quintessence of nature is thoughtfully selected by Leinné in this Abundant gift set: the Louis Latour Ardèche Chardonnay and its bright straw yellow color accordingly go with the pitted olive, giving a perfect touch for the joyful new year days. The originality of the raffia placemat brings a warm and intimate feeling for a family year-end party. 

A set of 10 lucky envelopes from Leinné is included in the Abundant gift set to share your happy new year with your loved ones. With a unique hand-woven latticework silhouette harmoniously blend of the raffia from Madagascar and rattan, the Abundant raffia and rattan basket is the invitation to discover the craftsmanship, along with the journey to explore Vietnam through Maison Marou 6 chocolate bars set.

Full Joy

The finest selection from Leinné with a meaningful message

Leinné brings the aesthetic taste of nature into the Full Joy gift set, sending sincere wishes for a peaceful new year. The tropical fruit taste of Louis Latour Ardèche with the softness of pate Royal and the heated flavor of salami are the perfect trio for a delightful new year. With the timeless beauty of the Pearl napkin ring, the new year party is more delicate.

If you are looking for a little sweetness, the pure taste of cocoa spreading the unique flavors of the set of 6 Exclusive chocolate bars from Maison Marou is a sincere wish for a new year with lots of peace and luck. The thoughtfulness along with the hand-braided details of the Full Joy raffia gift basket is the blessing for a joyful and exciting new year.

The individual gifts

Our sales team will send you the gifts to choose from at the beginning of November.

*Please note that this section might be different according to the country you are in.

You can also drop your favorite personal sales assistant a hint way long before so that your dream gifts can be included for the final approval.

Lu cotton bucket hat
48 points

Vaud silk bucket hat
120 points

Daisy hat
105 points

Boater Scallop hat
96 points

Vesper hat
188 points

Faye bag
139 points

Bucket Cabas raffia bag
96 points

Helly working bag
111 points

Bucket Simon Classic bag
142 points

Pixeli Lipstick necklace bag
280 points

Sandra Mini bag
111 points

Charlotte shirt
257 points

Sorrento pyjama set

Gabriel pyjama set
284 points

Mongibello shirt
146 points

Trouvaille shirt
142 points

Aelia shirt dress
221 points

Frances hoop drop earrings
146 points

Consus pearl earrings
102 points

Cloud pearl earrings
46 points

Single Oval pearl drop earrings
53 points

Moon Egg pearl earrings
74 points

Catina long drop earrings
36 points

Besette raffia headband
32 points

Soeur silk hair tie
59 points

Soeur velvet hair tie

Cerutia hair clip
28 points

Monique mask chain
50 points

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