Love is a universal language. It is conveyed and expressed differently across countries and cultures.

Words of love is a special collection of 12 words selected from English, Vietnamese and French. Each word is selected for its unique meaning of love in a language.

Using the best raffia material from Madagascar - a rare natural material that is mold resistant and can prevent the sunlight from damaging skin, “words of love" is carefully embroidered by hand, with Leinné’s signature font on Riviera and Délice hat forms. The unique hat forms that are handcrafted from Leinné’s 20-year-old artisan workshop, combining with French modern spirit.

Words of love

Love, has tremendous positive effect on our mood and our everyday life. Words of love, are a powerful form of expression that fuels good energy

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling
chữ phải làm in để làm cho anh yêu phải làm cho vòng quay
Anh muốn nói gì? Anh muốn nói gì? Anh muốn nói gì?

Thương, a Vietnamese word of love that has its special nuance: a gentle love, constantly watching, caring for someone.


Embrace, the word itself sounds wonderfully soft and compassionate, it makes us think of a warm, long hug. Being in the arms of someone you love is the most peaceful feeling in the world.


Belle âme - a beautiful soul. Beautiful spirit shines from the inside creating an irresistible charm.


Mến is a Vietnamese word meaning love in a friendly, delightful way. It expresses the feeling of happiness and comfortableness to be ourselves around someone.


Yêu - Love, is life. Love creates positive energy to help us get through the challenges in life. In the eyes of someone in love, the world is always bright and colourful. Love makes us more compassionate and understanding.


Mindfulness is a state of mind achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, to fully enjoy the present.


Trọn vẹn, is living to the fullest, the happiness that everyone desires to have. It is the feeling when your everyday life is meaningful, that simple things you do make you feel happy.


Bao la describes the immensity and vastness of nature, of love. It's no coincidence that maternal love is always go hand-in-hand with the word “bao la". Infinite and everlasting.


Bình yên, meaning the serenity to which we all want to find our way back, no matter how far we go. The word itself sounds calm and peaceful, with the image of a clear sky or an empty backyard filled with sunlight…


Tình tang - brings us a different level of love, a Vietnamese word often heard in songs. It’s subtle and whimsical, yet still powerful in its own way. 


Free is the best feeling in the world. To be free is to be able surpass the given toward an open future. It is a wonderful feeling of having achieved something that you never thought possible.

Joy, like sunshine, warm, magical and easily spreading from one person to another. 

Words from Leinné founder

I have always believed, that love and words have the power to change the world. 

Having a chance to live in different countries, I have observed and become fascinated by the way each culture expresses love. In English or in French, people exchange their feelings in a more direct way than Asian cultures, Love has only one word: "love" or "aimer", meanwhile Vietnamese has many words with different nuances to express love, like Thương, Mến, Yêu... 

As another example, the word “Ôm" in Vietnamese is quite short since people are a little prudent when it comes to touching a person, whereas the word "Embrace" in English sounds softer and more heart-warming... 

12 words of love carefully selected from three languages: Vietnamese, English and French, are put together in this book as well as on Leinné's hat designs. With a belief in the positive power of loving words, I hope this book and the collection will be a meaningful gift for you and your loved ones.

Leinné creative director and founder,

Mimi-Minh NGUYEN (Hải Minh)

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