Lunar New Year

As nature comes alive with color, sound, and energy, we come towards another Lunar New Year. A time for loved ones to gather, stories to be shared, and blessings to be bestowed. 

In celebration of the new beginning, we invite you to the world of spring, featuring pieces that bridge the gap between traditional elegance and contemporary silhouettes.

Lunar Nature

In the natural earthy color of raffia, Ivy jewelry set channels a traditional, peaceful and poetic feel of Tet.

The color is reminiscent of the harmony of heaven and earth–a secretive hidden charm of nature, of the sunlight dancing in the garden, waiting to be explored. The round shape of Ivy necklace and Ivy earrings, adorned with hand-woven wooden bead details, exudes a graceful and delicate beauty when combined with a red ao dai for Tet.

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Fête Feminine

The New Year's feast always has a special flavor. This occassion inspires Leinné to come up with a colorful spring fête table which combines the bright color of Lunar New year and our tender palette.

Choose the Monique hat with a seemingly minimalist but no less interesting shape, along with the delightful Chess Bag or the silk Bucket Cabas bag, combined with the striking Amanda earrings, you can feel the colors and flavors of a new spring day.

Spring Harmony

Step into the new year with confidence, grace, and a touch of whimsical flair.

A carefully crafted dance between the raw beauty of natural raffia and the timeless sophistication of Italian leather, Carolyn heels are ideal choices to wear with áo dài.

With every step, experience the feminine appeal, blending traditional and minimalistic modern feel.

The scent of Tết

In the heart of Vietnam, bathed in the golden sun and nourished by the river’s lifeblood, lies a humble grain that transcends sustenance. Beyond being a staple on every Vietnamese table, rice is the soul of the nation, its essence woven into the tapestry of culture, tradition, and identity.

The Lubéron bag is created by Leinné with exquisite hand-woven lines. Pristine beauty imbued with traditional identity and a round shape make the Lubéron bag the ideal choice for walking on the streets during Tet.

Mono delights

As fireworks paint the sky in vibrant hues and lanterns cast warm glows, the Lunar New Year beckons with an irresistible magic. Embrace the custom of starting this year afresh in a brand new outfit, ring in the new year with a wardrobe that radiates joy, prosperity and feminine radiance.

We invite you to step into a kaleidoscope of natural harmony through monochrome outfits, where Vietnamese tradition meets modern flair.

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