When exotic meets silence

What to wear in Hue

Hue - a land that always reminds us of the ancient beauty.

A city with poetic beauty and historical story, located on the gentle Perfume River. This is also the place where you will find the unique beauty of the peaceful lifestyle and the ancient architecture of the ancient dynasty.

And also with Hue, you will accidentally encounter unique intersections with Leinné: tradition, emotions and bring in its own messages.

Love Messages

Like a confession, the Délice Scallop hat feels very similar to Hue: romantic and smooth. The original rim design is hand-formed in Leinné's craft workshop with poetic beauty, like words of love just for you. Leinné's friend cleverly chose to combine the mini Sandra bag to highlight the distinctive beauty of the reflection - as well as the way Hue evokes historical images through ancient architecture. Inspired by the contrast between light and dark when combined with natural materials, Sandra bag is the door leading to the simplicity and tranquility of Hue. A perfect suggestion for visits to Hue's unique monument works.

Classic silhouette

With the spirit of minimalism, with a unique combination with a design that feels both classic and modern, the Trouvaille off-the-shoulder shirt from Leinné was worn by Ms. Helly selected during the visit to Hue Ancient Capital. The sleeves are sewn short in the diagonal direction just enough to hug the shoulders, harmoniously combined with the classic bottle collar. The intricately sewn lapel is deliberately cut to the right, with skillfully handcrafted pleats that evoke emotional feminine lines. This is the perfect outfit for walking around exploring the Hue Imperial City with the top architectural features of the ancient times.

A twist of gentleness

The romantic down-turned brim hats will bring you a gentle touch to the outfit walking around the Huong River on  Hue street. Let's discover more poetic down-turned brim hat suggestions from Leinné.


Délice Classic 2.0 Raffia Hat

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Sandra downturn brim raffia hat

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Rosie raffia hat

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