Chasing The Sunset  in Phu Quoc Island

The ethereal sunset view of Phu Quoc will create an unforgettable experience for travel-lovers.

Besides the tranquil beaches, salubrious sea air and year-round sun, Phu Quoc Island is considered as one of the best places to watch dazzling sunsets.

When the whole space is painted in that red and yellow light: a masterpiece celestial spectacle. 

Let Leinné’s designs accompany you on the journey to gratify the gorgeous scenery of chasing the sunset in Phu Quoc Island.

The Pristine Beauty Of Bai Sao

The pristine beauty of Bai Sao


Enjoy a peaceful painted sky in Bai Sao - a beach staying away from the noise and bustle, attracts tourists by its pristine beauty. The Lilou hat is the perfect adornment of a visit to this island.

A hat is in harmony with nature and inner beauty. Lilou hat with wide brim design, expresses a soft and liberal soul.The hat is full of pride in the shape of a high felt hat with a delicately tied ribbon.

Lilou hat is softly blended into  the romantic colors of the sunset, honoring the beauty of raw.


Painted Sky At Dinh Cau

Painted sky at Dinh Cau


Dinh Cau is located on a high rise rocky cliff. It soaks all the brightest sunset rays - giving you a romantic view. There is nothing more perfect than coming here with your loved ones, capturing the sunset scene and styling with a hat that gently moves in the breeze from the sea.

With its wide cotton or linen ribbon, the Cosmo raffia hat takes the codes of the boater hats and modernizes them to perfection. A design reminiscent of the exhilaration of visiting the new lands.

The versatility of the Cosmo hat's modern design allows you to dress up any outfit you like. A comfortable outfit for an afternoon wandering around Phu Quoc Island or a long dress floating in the colors of sunset.


Vivid Sunset With The Unique Architecture At Sanato Beach Club

Vivid sunset with the unique architecture at Sanato Becah Club


Sanato Beach Club is an ideal place to watch the sunsets in a special way. A peaceful and liberal scenery for healing your soul with the unique architectural features and the charming sunset in Phu Quoc. It is essential to have a most-loved accessory for the visit to this special place, keeping your beautiful memory.

The Yoyo hat is inspired by the flexibility and freedom of the senses. Leinné chose to harmonize the modern shape of a boater hat with the softness of a silk ribbon, creating a perfect design for a liberal soul, always ready for new journeys. 

A hat gently hides the afternoon sun, stylish and unique.


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