Private Empire

Leinné Woman of June, Cheng Bao Phuong, a brilliant businesswoman. But there’s much more interesting about this woman than a business mind: passionate, consistent, seductive and confident. Now in her luxury apartment, she talks about her inspiration, private life, love and happiness on her little family.


Which inspiration inspired you to participate in business and become a brilliant businesswoman now?

In my opinion, Business make me more confident , glamor woman and help me has a deeper look in every aspect and perspective in life and especially to live the way I want.


What changed in life and work when you became a mother?

My children are a precious gift for me. They are motivation making me constantly study and practice to become a mother like today, and make me love myself more. Being a mom, I always tried to give them a peaceful and beautiful sky so it seemed that every storm had to stop behind my door when I started raising my children.


How would you describe your daily bag?

A little bit of elegant with delicate but still convenient, I want they come with me everywhere with any purpose.

After busy working hours, what do you spend the rest of your time on?

For me, family is something that I really treasure, next to myself. Therefore, every day I spend all my time I can for those two things.


As a fashion enthusiast and be diverse in style, what makes you find and choose Leinné's designs, becoming a Leinné Woman?
My first time with Leinné was this lovely hat. Durable material and a raffia bow, I take it with me almost on every trip. Well, a lot of people ask me about Leinné hats.



What is your advice for young people on their way to finding their dreams and happiness?
Never give up on your dreams, try your best to pursue the dreams and happiness you always desire. But do not hurt others because of your happiness.


What plan did you have for your dream vacation for this summer?
Every year my family always enjoy peaceful and relaxing sea, this year is no exception.

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