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Inspired by nature and the beauty of flowers, Miso Lee created her very own flowers studio in Vietnam - Flowers in you. Her sense of creativity and the passion she put into her work makes every flower arrangement unique and beautiful in its own way.

Having lived in Vietnam for over 10 years, what do you love most about this country?
One of the things I love most about Vietnam is that I can see nature all the time. There are a lot of trees, plants and flowers around the city, especially in the area where I live. It's so refreshing to see nature everywhere. And I also enjoy the leisurely atmosphere of Vietnam, I always feel so relaxed here.

What is your favourite spots in town?
I love nature, hence my most favourite place in town is probably in front of my studio - lots of wild flowers, trees & plants.


How did you choose to become a florist?
Since I was little, I love art, nature, music, drawing, photography and travel. I also love to create new things and express my feeling and emotions through my creation. Flowers are so beautiful yet so ordinary, anyone can buy flowers and display them at home, but I want to create something different through flowers, to make them even more beautiful and emotional.

What do you love most about the job?
I can help people to express their feeling and send messages through my flowers arrangements: love, joy, happiness and sometimes comfort. Flowers in you's philosophy is "You deserve love anywhere, anytime. I deliver love in these flowers."


Can you describe your typical working day for us?
I start the day by walking to my studio, take care of the all fresh flowers and prepare the studio for a class or another work like wedding or photoshoot.

Your flower arrangement style is very new and different from the traditional florist style in Vietnam. How do you describe your style?
Nature always inspires me, so I want to pursue a style that preserve that naturalness but at the same time, still look nice and properly done. My bouquets or arrangements seem to look like a they are freshly cut from the garden or the forest.

Describe your favourite hat style

I like a natural style - simple and basic.


How do you feel about the connection between you and Leinné?
I have a very strong emotional connection with Leinné. Leinné products always bring me such a natural feeling, and they make me feel like I can escape from reality for a little while, maybe to travel somewhere far away. The feeling of the raw, natural also make me think about travelling.


What kind of clothing and accessories you feel comfortable in?

For materials, linen and cotton. For style, simple, minimal in natural colours.


What is your next plan for Flower in You studio?
I will continue to develop new and creative design, occasionally hold special event, workshop and classes.




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