A trendsetter, who always stands out from the crowd, knows how to express her passion and sensitivity for fashion. She is not trendy, but has an eye for “it” items to make her look a trend.

With the aesthetic concept of contemporary architecture and formscape, Leinné creates the unique hats and bags, your “it” items, that highlights your adventurous day. The impressive accessories can make you a trendsetter.


A radiant design with the visor brim and the delicate strap appeal unique Mucem architecture.

Somer represents the modern women’s personality: bold and adventurous.

Bold beauty of classic visor brim and contemporary designs combination.

Adventurous lifestyle from versatile wearing: to the sea, tennis or golf.

Somer can be mixed the long dress or even sportswear. As a trendsetter, she is willing to go beyond the limit in fashion.



Léonie – the design that brings the free-spirited breeze of Marseille port city to the handmade vibrant strap.

Thanks to the basic brim shape and the distinctive strap, Léonie can be casual and spontaneous, when mixing with any neutral outfits or play around with the colors of your taste. Léonie always make your look trendy and unique.



With semicircular shape, Marjolie is the novelty of Leinné bag collection.

The rustic raffia can be shaped subtly and impressively in Marjolie. The raffia pattern highlights the beauty of the curve, of the gap forming the bag handles.

Marjolie’s special formscape features a simple outfit, is swingingly in harmony with the footsteps and lights up a corner of the space when randomly placed.

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