Timeless items that never go out of date will be women’s best friends ever: They are time-resistant and safely invested to become a lasting part in your wardrobe.These pieces cannot be any simpler: a comfy shift dress for a rushing morning, a red lipstick for a radiant look without any makeup, a hat or bag from Leinné whose simplicity and elegance pick out all kinds of costumes. Classic items always balance women’s soul and her busy schedule.

The bag in which we deliver “embrace” spirit is not just about the feeling of holding it, touching and sensing the material patterns but also about an open mind to be “here and now” with a desirable heart to discover new things.

Anja is a combination of technique and art that connects with your inner soul when touching the strap, feeling the pattern and sensing Anja’s story. This makes you always feel right when carrying the bag on your new journeys.

Anja manifests timeless beauty through the details on the bag cap which are inspired by the impressive image of Pont du gard; and the classic clutch form that every woman needs. With the detachable strap, Anja is versatile to be used as a crossbody handbag.

Inspired by moon, Lune Hat is special for curvy lines rolling around its brim and crown, highlighted by an elegant tie and single-coloured band which are skillfully handcrafted.

With its basic shape and durability, Lune is iconically timeless as you can decorate the hat with radiant ribbons as the way you care about the precious watch with the strap collection. The cherry red ribbon, red wine, blue and yellow ribbons of the sun will be the unique “accessories collection” for your beloved Lune hat.

Bringing familiarity and intimacy, Lune never leaves you when you need to be lightened up, just by changing the ribbons to start your day with new experiences.

Solito is available in three sizes: Mini, Classic and Jumbo; with large capacity and reliably solid design.From the beginning, Leinné simplified the design so that the woman's voice of needs could form the Solito sketch. The bag carries all standards a woman wants for a must-have bag. It can be mixed and matched with variety of outfits and contain her entire world.

Handmade with a light, tough, durable and non-damp raffia, Jumbo Solito is an ideal choice for beach trips or long journeys while Mini and Classic are best selections for gatherings or picnics.

Like a green flow of the small spleen lying between the forest, raffia Flamen carries echoes from the coolness of nature. Under skillful hands of our craftsmen, the brim of Flamen is slightly curved and highlighted by a soft colorful ribbon.

Flamen features the simplicity with delighted shape covering head and face. Its line and form are originally beautiful themselves and so classic that never go out of style. With Flamen, our Leinné woman becomes a charming spot even on the streets or trips.

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