There is no rule for the tomboy. We can be free. We can be creative. Since the tomboy started with the revolution of freedom and creativity: Coco Chanel and masculine breakthroughs inspired by her man; or Yves Saint Laurent and Le Smoking suits having empowered women all over the world.

We want to step up to a challenge by slipping into a boyfriend jeans, a silhouette with a shirt borrowed from our dads; or a cool, menswear inspired suit the day we feel like it. 

Wearing your favourite outfits, putting on your most-loved accessories, are the ways to empower the boldest version of being a woman - our outfits reflect how we feel. 

With the love for clean lines and minimalism, Leinné has created a variety of stylish bags and hats for the Tomboy from our sensual natural materials: raffia, raw linen, cotton lining, and touches of handmade details.


The Immaculate Asymmetry

Inspired by the playful concept of asymmetry, combined with raffia and linen, Faye bag is a delightful touch of simplicity, a design of a modern and harmonious form.

The blend of a shoulder bag style and an unique diagonal cut has created a highlight to your casual outfits. Faye bag is a great choice for carrying all your essential items for a dynamic working day.

The Spirit of Adventures

Marseille - The vitality of this port city has shaped the first imagination of Léonie: radiant and adventurous. Chasing the Mediterranean breeze, the light channels its way in through the organic-transparent concrete structure of Mucem, rippling like the reflection of the sun on the wind-blown surface of the sea. Léonie portrays the magnificent architecture combination of nature and human, and an inner will towards freedom.

Léonie hat will be an interesting accessory for women who love experiencing, and are passionate about slipping into a cool suit or a menswear inspired twist.

Timeless And Versatile

Anja clutch takes inspiration from the state of being "embraced", giving a feeling of fulfillment to the touch, a welcome to life and a passion for discovering new things. Through the image of the old Pont du Gard bridge inspiring the clutch's strap and the timeless silhouette, Anja recreates the immortal values that forever embellish your own daily style.

Anja is the image of simplicity and nonchalant sophistication, bringing a whole new look to the boldness of the Tomboy style.

The Breeze Of Liberality

Inspired by the flow of the river. Mekong Lush Classic frames the face with a cinematic downturn brim, and it is your casual day hat for wandering in the city with its short brim and fedora crown.

Mekong Lush can be easily combined with any outfit you like, expressing your liberality, confidence and an energetic spirit for individual souls.

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