Being feminine and beautiful as a lady is always the privilege of women. Whether at night parties or daily occasions, women easily attract others admiration and coddling to her very own power of femininity.
Leinné makes hats and bags filled with soulful femininity. They deliver our inspiration of the paintings, line art and childhood memories.
With the raffia qualifications of softness and combinations of varied materials, our designs can be feminine in shapes and versatile for both young and old.

Inspired by the story of “Alice in wonderland”, the hat can easily be mixed with many basic dresses.
If you tend to assert femininity as your typical style, Alice is the perfect choice with a limited edition floral bow to make beautifully graceful look.


With the special form must be made by our most skilled craftsmen; Delicé manifest the beautiful shape like line art under the sunshine.
The mysterious downturn brim frames the face, while embracing charming lips and chin.
Delicé delivers the feminine beauty of the shape and the elegance of the strikingly graceful belt. The belt impresses those who love details with the unique fold on the back, which is a Leinné creative work.


Ambi is the memory of the countryside; where little ladies have time to be themselves, lying under the trees and gazing up the sky.
That precious moments to be feminine and peaceful inspired us to create the curved shape and the unique bow which are all made in raffia.Ambi is rustic, nostalgic, yet elegant modern, transferring yesterday and now spirit. You can mix Ambi with maxi, midi or any items you like, even if a classic dress. The hat transformation always surprises you.


The design inspired by 20th century Modigliani paintings, dignifies the neckline to feature a classic and elegant look.
The striking velvet ribbon highlights the back revealed under a classic black dress; or gracefully stays on the side of head wearing with a midi. Young and old ladies can curve up or turn down the brim to fit their own styles.


Simplicity becoming subtle and femininity is the way we make Tara bag with curves at the bottom and straps.
Tara has not only high applicability which is capacious for your full essentials, but also fashion look even mixed with linen white shirts.
Tara available in three sizes are the women’s companions on expeditions as well as picnics.

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