No matter who she is and what her everyday style is, she can not resist the charm of floral motifs and eye-catching designs bringing Bohemian style of the 70s.

From the rustic beauty of natural materials like raffia and linen, Leinné creates hats and bags with creative forms and details which are inspired by nature and the harmony of forms.

Bernadine raffia hat


Bernadine raffia straw hat embraces the sense of simplicity, elegance, and smoothness through the blend of silk and raffia. It is shaped with the modern flat round crown with an asymmetrical drop-down brim.

The silk band with an artisanal raffia touch gently embraces around the hat crown and expresses the elegant softness with its extension down the back of the hat.

Bucket Baia raffia bag


In the caress of the leaf, in the soft fingers, or in the gentle movement creates Bucket Baia raffia straw bag - with a hand-embroidered motif from the real image of the trees captured on a journey along the Mekong. A design containing a vibrant inspiration of green reminiscent of beautiful memories.

Molina raffia hat


Inspired by the curving lines of the leaf gently embracing the crown hat. Molina raffia straw hat is like a picture of nature full of vitality, peace and purity. The softly drop-down brim let the sun draw a mischievous line on the woman's lips.

Masculin raffia hat


Masculin raffia fedora hat, unlike the norm in hat-making, is morphed to portray the beauty of imperfection. Made from raffia mixed with wooden buttons in amber, this short brim hat completes the look of a bohemian yet free-spirited lady. It can be mixed with jeans and shirts in any color.

Bucket Simon raffia bag


Bucket Simon raffia straw bag - a gourmet basket filled with joy and excitement, let your eyes and hands discover and slowly consume the hidden treasure. The taste of exploration takes you back to childhood, where the taste of the fruits of the garden invites you to a new escapade.

Available in two versions: Classic Simon - a whimsical highlight on the street and Mini Simon, which stands out at tea parties. 

Fellix raffia lunch bag


Playful and aesthetically-pleasing, the Fellix Lunch Bag raffia bag is truly a “conversation-starter". The Fellix raffia handheld bag brings you the delights into the office lunch hour or on a picnic weekend.

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