Boundless love

For the woman we love

This Mother's Day, express your love with Leinné gift guide, consisting of endless choices of artisanal hats, bags, jewelry, and shoes that are carefully thought out.

From precious raffia handbags to fine pearl jewelry, there’s something at Leinné that speaks to your mothers’ styles and personalities, handcrafted with love from our atelier.

For the romantic soul

Mom teaches us that there are more valuable ways to achieve beauty than just through external features.

From a lovely bucket hat with a bow tie to a classic shoulder bag with delicate hand woven details, we offer romantic gifts for the mothers who pass on to their children the eyes that see beauty even in the ordinary.

Tivoli raffia hat

Tivoli raffia hat, inspired by the Tivoli garden, features a careful hand-woven border that is made of many thin joints to create a poetic lace layer while keeping its spirit of simplicity. 

Lior silk kimono jacket

Lior silk kimono shirt is inspired by the Japanese kimono, with its wide sleeves and bodice that has always been a symbol of a free spirit.

Lubéron raffia bag

Inspired by the fragrance of rice fields after the first rain of the season, with sophisticated hand-crafted lines that require high technique, Lubéron is the embodiment of an urban lady with a soul of nature.

Pella Bacca drop earrings

Pella Baca embraces the beauty of classic femininity, crafted completely from raffia with a pure touch of decorative pearls. Pella Bacca lends glow looks to the minimal woman. 

About Leinné

"Leinné" is the combination of the English word "leisure" and the French word "inné". The brand carries a passion for living, a desire to see the world with courage and intuitiveness.

We create eco-luxury hats, bags, jewellery, shoes, and clothing that balances extravagance and the original beauty of craftsmanship.

In our nearly 30-years-old atelier in Saigon, we weave passion for beauty with the sensuality of natural materials, reflecting our exceptional heritage.

For the style icon

Our moms’ sense of style is more on point than what we probably give them credit for. As fashion repeats itself, chances are you will find something authentic and stylish to wear from their wardrobes.

In honor of our amazing moms, we curate a selection of signature pieces made from classic design codes, for the mother who teaches us the essence of style even before we are aware of it.

Victorian pearl drop earrings

The stylish twist on classic pearls make Victorian baroque earrings the focal point for date night or elegant evening soirees.

Daisy raffia hat

Inspired by the daisy petals fluttered, like a gentle symphony between the sun and wind.

Tam bag

The original Yem silhouette has inspired us to craft the Tam bag. The bag is a highlight of any outfit for its authentic, sensual spirit.

Cravat shirt dress

A lovely version of the Cravat shirt. Taking inspiration from men's shirt, Cravat has long ties attached the collar that can be worn in 3 styles: untied, tied into a bow or put on a shoulder like a scarf.

A brand of sustainability

Established on the foundation of a family-owned artisanal hat-making workshop in Saigon, Vietnam, Leinné aims to improve the lives of the local artisans and develop sustainable practice through craftsmanship and materials that tell the story of Vietnam.

We source high-quality natural, including raffia from Madagascar, to craft eco-luxury, sensual objects, an expertise that turns ordinary into precious.

For the rule-breaker

The reason why moms are the ultimate style icons is they want you to be the best you can be. Follow codes, but allow your creative juice to flow and have fun with what you wear.

We celebrate these women with a selection of designs as unique as every single mother who will wear it.

Monique raffia hat with pearl chain

Adding sparkle to the rustic raffia pattern, the Monique hat with a lovely downturn brim and gold-plated chain with pearls will be a romantic highlight for your everyday.

Verso raffia bucket bag

Lightweight and versatile, Leinné Verso bag is a summer staple to accompany you all summer long. 

Natural raffia Socco cap with rings

With the minimal cap shape on natural raffia, Socco cap with rings represents the spirit of athleisure, providing comfort and flexibility in outdoor sports.

Pearly slitted-rib linen shirt dress

The Pearly linen shirt dress has its sexy sideline split from the top to the bottom with pearls. The design is made sleeveless, with a longline form and a flapping dress hem.

Orders before 11th May are guaranteed to be shipped in time for Mother's Day, 14th May 2023 for Vietnam and Singapore.

For the classics lover

The most classic act of love comes down to what feels the most personal. Just as the way Mom showers us with love and affection, it’s time to show her exactly the same.

Choose from our array of classic silhouettes and carefully-made decorative details that are as timeless as a mother’s love.

Boater Scallop

Boater Scallop takes inspirations from Jean Royère whimsical furniture artworks. In a signature boater silhouette, the hat carries a dash of nonchalant air while in harmony with this cute curve of from the ocean.

Cravat shirt

A good shirt never go out of style. Cravat embodies the playful side of the Leinné woman, turning the item in her man's closet into something new and exciting.

Délice Classic 2.0 raffia hat

A brand new version of Leinné bestseller. It is a design of a poetic sense, softly embraces your face and honors your charm.

Lucienne raffia cloche hat

Featuring a bell-shaped crown and short brim, Lucienne adds an instant delightful note to your look.


Trouvaille asymmetric white linen blouse

The blouse sleeves is tailored in short form, with its diagonal armhole covering the shoulders, then harmoniously combined with its high neck. The blouse has asymmetric details to the right side, every fold is made by hand to form a sensual feminine silhouette.

Délice Scallop hat

A nautical vibe is highlighted with a strand of organic cotton tailored to the shape of scallop, trimmed with color embroidered border.

Henri Fedora natural raffia hat

Henri is a fedora hat that has a touch of an artfully undone elegance. It is designed with a curved brim, with its signature feature being the brown velvet band with hand-woven raffia buckle in form of a belt.

Bucket Cabas black linen bag

The brand new black linen version lends the classic Bucket Cabas a new feel: a minimalist statement. Made to be combined with adventurous spirit and confident flair.

Limited time only for this Mother's Day:

*Discount 14% in total bill for purchases from 2 designs

*Free gift wrapping + handwritten card

*Voucher 14% for your next purchases


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