When our creative spirit craves new horizons, Leinné has embarked on a new journey of making garments, starting with making unique and stylish shirts. 

The decision emerged from the desire to merge comfort with fashion via timeless pieces.

Through meticulous research, we have honed our skills in perfecting the art of shirt design and working with local artisans that share the same standards. We have experimented with various fabrics, silhouettes, and patterns to craft shirts that were aesthetically pleasing and functional. The same dedication to quality and craftsmanship that defines our hats and bags are now woven into every stitch of our shirts.

The classics

There's a reason they call them classics. In the ever-changing world of fashion, a good shirt offers a quiet confidence and enduring style.
Leinné classic shirts are characterized by a simple, elegant design, with neutral colors and structured silhouettes.
They're the blank canvas upon which you paint your personal style, a foundation for endless sartorial creations.

A touch of romance: Silk shirts

With the spirit of freedom and effortlessness, Evelyn shirt has the charming sense of comfort in the way the silk flows like water on the skin. 

The classic Evelyn purple button-up shirt is made more chic with the addition of peplum sleeves. The soft, flowy silk easily flaunts your feminine silhouette. Pair Evelyn with a midi skirt, pearl jewelry, and you are sorted.

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Classic & Elevated pyjamas

The Gabriel shirt is a design that elevates style and comfort in the silhouette of traditional pajamas. With a minimalist design and striped pattern, it offers a modern look suitable for both men and women.

Playful stripes

While staying true to the classic codes, we also craft statements. Our shirts reimagines the classic shirt, transforming it into a canvas for artistic expression and individual flair. Whimsical details such as asymmetric pleats, flowy flounces, or long ties attached to the collar give the classic wardrobe staple a breath of fresh air, allowing the style lovers to express every of their versions.

Romance and playfulness are integrated into Mongibello shirt in a colorful yet elegant way. Long sleeve design with oversized shape suitable for both men and women. Pastel colors are a plus point for your youthfulness.

Make a lovely statement with this playful shirt dress. Coming in two different tones of color in two halves, Farrow shirt dress is the perfect item to add some color to your wardrobe. Pair Farrow with a visor hat and canvas tote bag for a comfy, très chic look from afternoon parties to vacations.

The Cravat

Inspired by men's shirts, Cravat shirt has two long ties attached to the collar that can be worn in 3 styles: untied, tied into a bow or put on a shoulder like a scarf. Cravat embodies the playful side of the Leinné woman, turning the item in her man's closet into something new and exciting.

The Cropped

The modern cropped silhouette flatters any figure, highlighting your waistline and adding a touch of playful sophistication. Whether you pair it with high waist shorts for a casual chic look or combine with a pair of matching shorts for a coordinated style, this versatile piece is your go-to staple.

Emmanuel cropped shirt

Sorrento cropped shirt

Breathable sustainability

Bamboo cotton: The silky-soft fabric is naturally breathable, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo grows rapidly and requires minimal water and pesticides, making it a much more sustainable alternative to traditional cotton. It's naturally odor-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, making it an ideal choice for an everyday essential like shirts.

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Linen: We turn soft, breathable linen into smart and versatile shirts. Fine and thin, these designs reflect delicacy and softness, ideal for everyday wear and can be easily incorporated into multiple styles. Linen's beauty lies in its inherent quality and understated elegance. Its simple aesthetic complements diverse styles, from breezy beachwear to tailored suits. 

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Woven from natural silk, Leinné purple silk delivers a smooth surface and durability thanks to scratch-resistant weaving techniques. Silk gowns that are sensual and iridescent in motion are designed to work with Leinné's hats and bags for a feminine and modern ensemble.

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A playful spirit: Gosker x Leinné

Staying true to our sustainability commitment and creativity, we give the cotton bucket hat a twist of charm. Striped cotton bamboo fabric pieces from shirts become playful parts of the hat.

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