With events, gatherings and holiday parties rolling in, it’s time to get yourself pieces that take you through the season with style. While trends come and go, the evening bag has never lost its impact. Throughout the decades, within every aesthetic, it’s been a constant in our wardrobes.

Made with meticulous attention to detail, Leinné evening bags are a testament to the craftsmanship of the artisans who create them. From formal soirees to intimate dinner parties, these artisanal evening bags add a touch of glamor to your special occasion.

Light up your next special occasion with Leinné edit of elegant evening bags.

The conversation-starter

Designed in unique silhouettes, these bags are carefully crafted to showcase intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship in Leinné atelier. From the half-moon shape to the sensual curves to structural shape, they drip with glamor to give your finished look a refined aesthetic.


Sensual curves

May bag exudes an original charm that is both delightful and statement-making. With the highlight being the wavy section, which is hemmed entirely by hand from raffia. May bag is a romantic and striking statement for the woman in quest for original artisanal beauty

Sunset Boulevard

The sensibility of dream is encapsulated in this Sunset Boulevard potli raffia bag. It’s crafted from natural and upcycled fabrics, with a unique hand decorative applique on the bag body. Wear it on shoulders or carry by hand with the adjustable strap, style with a silken slip dress for a romantic evening edit

The petite

A delicate minaudière that acts as a jewelry piece deserves to be considered for your holiday events. Their compact size makes them an elegant and sophisticated alternative to bulky handbags, while still providing enough space for your essential essentials. Exquisitely crafted by hand, Leinné mini bags are sure to add a touch of playful and polish to your evening ensemble.

Natural goddess

The mini version of Leinné's Lubéron bag. Inspired by the fragrance of rice fields after the first rain of the season, with sophisticated handcrafted details that reflect fine craftsmanship, Lubéron is the embodiment of an urban lady with a soul of nature. You can choose a Lubéron raffia bag for your night party accents, or combine both designs to be the center of the party.

Touch of artisanship

Evocative of skill and artistry, this statement artisanal small bag worn as a jewellery is a playful accessory that channels the minimal size - maximum impact spirit.

Chess Mini bag

Silk and raffia blend sensually in this mini bag. The body reflects the refined craftsmanship of interlacing silk and raffia in a chess pattern, while the handle features lovely braids of the two materials

The touch of silk

For a truly luxurious touch to any evening event, a silk bag is an undeniably elegant choice. Its natural sheen and soft texture exude sophistication and adds a touch of timeless charm that never goes out of style.

Leinné Bucket Cabas silk bag is a tender and playful design, with the round form of bucket and iconic cabas handles. The quilted silky surface is a combination of exquisite handmade technique and opulent pure silk materials of Bao Loc, Vietnam. This creation comes in a range of natural, delightful colors that delicately accentuate your soiree outfit.



Ash of rose




Making a statement - Geometric shape

Taking inspirations from geometric shape, the artisanal statement bags transcend mere accessories to become artistic expressions for evening events. These bags, created by Leinné skillful craftsperson with meticulous attention to detail, are not just for carrying necessities; they are bold style statements that command attention with their unique designs and unexpected materials.

A moonlit night

Inspired by the third-quarter moon which triggers light for the senses, Marjolie shape is soft and lightsome with subtle curves. The outerior is knitting natural raffia that creates a balance between colors and shape

Sculpted elegance

Leinné’s penchant for unconventional materials comes to play in this Berlodge black raffia bag. The cool black color is worked into the minimalistic architectural design of the classic version, whilst the simple box shape and the unique details on the handle borders and bag charm ensure the bag is a statement piece.

Curve of the universe

Cosmica raffia bag depicts the movements of the universe hand-sewn épuré fabric curves on both sides of the bag. Touch, feel, sense, measure, detect every bit of it.

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