The áo dài-inspired creations

Vietnam's heritage hums a harmonious duet between exquisite crafts and the enchanting dance of traditional female attire. Leinné unveils enchanting stories of traditional Vietnamese silhouettes through the áo dài-inspired creations, whispering the blooming tales of the upcoming Lunar new year.

They retain the essence of the long, slender silhouette, often cinching the waist to accentuate femininity. Mulberry silk, organza, and linen dance with the wearer, adorned with contemporary details. Modern twists breathe new life into the áo dài's spirit: asymmetrical cuts peek at a contemporary sensibility, while high slits reveal a touch of daring. 

Inspired by heritage and made for the contemporary, Leinné áo dài-inspired creations are a love letter to a timeless classic, reimagined for the modern woman, ready to leave their own mark on the world stage.

Edge of Rose

Taking hints from áo dài, the Sym set is classic with a twist. The dusty rose mulberry silk catches the light in shimmers that echo the petals of a bloom. The bias cut, with its inherent fluidity, sculpts the dress to your form, embracing curves and elongating the silhouette. The asymmetric design reflects a balance of gentle and daring, defying expectations and playing with proportions.

Sensuality with a twist

Echoing the long, slender grace of the áo dài, Pearly dress hangs like a whisper against the skin, its crisp linen a modern ode to Vietnamese elegance. A daring side slit disrupts the classic silhouette, while the neckline soars to a standing collar, framing the face like a delicate frame around a poem. Crafted from crisp Japanese linen, the dress breathes modern life into the traditional silhouette. It's an áo dài for the modern woman, unafraid to dance with tradition while leaving her own confident trail in the sand.

Asymmetric grace

A modern ode to the áo dài's timeless grace. Crafted from fine mulberry silk and organza, it slinks against the skin, bias cuts hugging curves like flowing water in every movement. One side clings with the formality of a long sleeve, then the other side takes an unexpected twist with baring an arm. This evening dress is a conversation of old and new, crafted for grand arrivals.

Black linen áo dài dress

While áo dài commonly comes in bright and vibrant colors, black áo dài stands out from the crowd with its unexpected charm. Elegant, mysterious, bold and classic, the black áo dài brings a sophisticated appeal to the wearer. Combining black ao dai with jewelry, hat and bag makes it a perfect choice for not only Lunar new year but also other occasions throughout the year, thanks to the timeless beauty of black.

With its straight cut, the Leinné black Áo dài is structured in such a way as to give a greater ease to movement. Knot buttons are presented and account for its traditional details. The slightly curved, gathered sleeves give the áo dài its modern touch.

The linen dress with its mid-thigh length and conventional shape stands out on its own as a little black dress. The linen trousers with its fluidity shape from the Leinné master tailoring and minimalist details, is the epitome of chic 

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