Mini bags to make you shine

Much more than a simple accessory, a mini handbag is a daily ally that we never tire of. Practical, discreet and elegant, we choose it with care for its style and its ability to carry the world in any occasion. Opt for a mini bag for your busy days roaming the streets, as well as for your beautiful unique evenings. Discover our selection of Leinné mini bags for this season, which will never leave your arm...

The touch of creativity and poetry to your outfit

Simplistic shape, raffia weaving and careful detail: Sandra mini bag with signature details contains the pureness and poetry of unpolished natural materials and thoughtful artisanal creativity. Leinné offers a smaller version - Sandra mini, adapted to your outfits for long summer evenings. 

The tote bag for functional everyday wear

Inspired by the playful concept of asymmetry, Faye mini raffia bag is a delightful touch of simplicity. The bag perks up the day with a quirky asymmetrical design, making it perfect for an effortless metropolitan look. Made from natural raffia and linen, Faye mini is the subtle blend of quirkiness and softness,  the ultimate accessory of unique and remarkable simplicity. 

The classic box design for all occasions

In our childhood memories, a square box in fairy tales always covers some magic to make a dream come true. Henriette Square came from that inspiration: a secret box filled with dreams. The moment you open the cap will trigger your inner imagination. Henriette has 3 versions: Classic, Mini and Super Mini.

The elegance choice for the weekend

With endless inspiration from minimalistic architectural design, Berlodge was designed with a contrast between a simple box shape and small handcrafted details on the straps, flaps, and bag charm to create a timeless artful piece.


Berlodge Bag

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