Cotton face masks

Green and meaningful initiatives

In order to provide protective gear as well as raise helping hands in a sustainable movement, Leinné ateliers in Saigon have begun the production of non-surgical face masks on a volunteer basis. 

Our artisans, who have been with us since day one, devote to apply our high standard of quality into every hand-sewn mask. This initiative will send out to areas which are deeply affected by Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam and France.


  • Green and meaningful:
  • washable masks can be reused many times to reduce the waste from one-time-use masks.
  • Ease the needs for surgical face masks needed for front line doctors.
  • An extra layer of protection for healthcare workers
  • Donate for areas affected by COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam and France.
  • Encourage self-protection: keep our community and yourself safe by using masks in public places.


  • 1. Anti-droplet,
  • washable masks
  • 2-layers cream-color mask 
  • Adjustable cotton straps
  • Outside layer: special anti-droplet cotton material
  • Inner breathable soft cotton layer
  • 2. Soft cotton, 
  • two-layer masks
  • Two layers of cotton material
  • Suitable for a wide range of use
  • Soft cotton makes them easier to breathe in
  • Can be used as extra protection over N-95 masks for health workers instead of one-time-use masks.

#Leinnétakesaction in numbers



How you can help

For the time being, Leinné's most important jobs are to do everything we can to help the community, while keeping up the spirit and assuring the life quality of our people in the atelier. This is also the time for Leinné to express our gratitude toward your love for us during the past time.

To keep the production of these masks running and cover the delivery fee to those in need, in Vietnam and France, you can participate by 3 ways:

Company/Individual who buys more than 100 pieces are mentioned on our program page.

Company/Individual who donates will be featured on our program across all channels:, facebook, instagram and press releases.

  • Help sharing our message: #Leinnétakesaction
  •  on Instagram, Facebook and other channels.
  • To order Leinné's masks, kindly fill out the form below.
  • You can also contact our hotline +84 9777 38380 or send email to
  • Instagram's direct messages and Facebook's messenger are welcomed.

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