State of Raw

Raw is not only to return to nostalgic things, but also to discover pioneering ideas, true intuition and long-term vision. Raw is also the key
spirit Leinné brought in the first Mini Aethestic Show: State Of Raw - where the was raffia was the colour of the night, instead of the default
colours for evening soirée - black, red, metallic on familiar materials like velvet, suede, lace or silk.
    State Of Raw is not only a special event launching the latest 2 collections, but also an intimate and cozy meeting of our special guests.



Inspired by the Albert Kahn four-season garden: where tranquility is made up of multicultural pieces, like each woman's very own beauty created by the difference of multidimensional angles reflected in her soul.

"Jardin D'été" is a fresh, intimate, yet beautiful and vivid picture, which is for modern women who live with freedom, sympathy and openness to different values.



There is no black, red, velvet, metallic or lace at Leinné night.... the colour of the night is the pure colour of raffia - the colour of eternal sunshine.

State of Raw - A fresh breeze drawing in different cultures together, challenging old habits and changing cultural norms; A brave and risky step out of normal social norms and rules of elegance, towards a new era of sustainability and raw, inspired by the memory of childhood garden in Vietnam filled with sunshine of our art director.

Tiny flowers, branches, veil to letters and Roman numbers on top of the hat - each detail is so unique that it can’t be replicated. Each of the design was completely crafted by hand, taking from 16-40 hours to produce.

Emotional moments were recorded behind the scenes, where ekip was all together preparing for the complete launch of two new Collection SS19 - Jardin D’été và Couture - State Of Raw in a exciting atmosphere.

Thanks for the implementation of our ekip who has accompanied Leinné on the journey to spread the passion of life and the spirit of freedom, towards sustainability values.

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