Softness Optimism: Vietnamese traditional codes in evening dresses

On October 20th, Leinné successfully held the Softness Optimism event. In celebration of Vietnamese Women's Day, the event is a tribute to the charming, open-minded Leinné women who listen to their instincts and are ready to embrace new experiences. The event also marks the first time the sustainable fashion brand has launched an evening dress collection.

A romantic presentation in an artful space

To channel the “Softness Optimism” spirit, the brand brings a poetic performance for evening dresses - the most outstanding designs from Leinné's Autumn - Winter 2023 collection. This is the first time the sustainable hat and bag brand has launched evening designs, marking a bold and passionate transformation.

Galerie Mode's artisanal space is decorated with the soft, bright colors of flowers, reflecting the spirit of "Softness Optimism". In an elegant and romantic performance, the Leinné muses gracefully dressed in delicate evening gowns to melodious music. The brand delivered a symphony of delicate silk, rustic raffia, pearls and precious stones, brought to life by the marriage of contemporary appeal and traditional Vietnamese silhouettes.

During the show, Leinné implemented the concept of live-sketching (on-site sketching) to capture the inspiration of the designs, while integrating romantic and artistic aspects into the show.

Mimi Minh Nguyen, Leinné creative director (right) and guest

Miss Vietnam 2008 Thuỳ Dung in Gaia dress

Vietnamese traditional codes reimagined in evening dresses

The highlight of the first ever evening dress collection from Leinné is the inspiration from the silhouettes of traditional female clothings. The conventional yet liberal charm of the “yếm” and the elegance of áo dài are re-envisioned into modern classic evening dresses, highlighting the unique feminine beauty.

The feminine silhouette of Gaia dress

An evening dress taking form of áo dài, with asymmetric skirt and mismatched sleeves

Yếm silk dress taking inspiration from the traditional camisole

From soft, sensual materials, Leinné creates artisanal pieces to elevate your autumn - winter travel and work wardrobe. The delicate charm of silk, the crisp of linen, and the comfortable feeling of bamboo cotton dances in harmony in this collection The brand's distinct artisanal heritage is reflected in the meticulous tailoring, combined with modern, elegant silhouettes, creating a feast for the senses.

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