Harmony jewelry private presentation

Stepping into the venue for Leinné’s Harmony jewelry collection unveiling was akin to entering a secret garden bathed in the soft hues of spring.

The theme of Harmony resonated throughout the presentation. Delicate floral settings, reminiscent of blooming buds and cascading vines, cradled gemstones in a palette inspired by a spring garden.

The center of the collection is classic baroque pearls, artistically amalgamated feminine morganite gemstones possessing a peachy-pink to light blue hue inspired by the transition of the sky from day to night, and playful placement of small details on gold-plated delicate silver chains.

Soothing pastel tones, playful details are ingeniously designed for casual settings to formal events; they're equally adept at brilliantly crowning any attire.

Harmony is about celebrating the beauty of nature and the balance it brings to our lives. We wanted to create pieces that evoke a sense of peace and serenity, while also reflecting the craftsmanship that defines Leinné.

Serene shades distill sun-kissed natural beauty evoking tranquility, perfect for accentuating your ensemble throughout the warmer months. Every piece in the Harmony collection carries the original beauty of nature and its colors, and is crafted to be both classic and bold.

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