Earthday Collection

On the occasion of Earth Day 2022, Helly Tong and Leinné create together a collection that allies luxury and responsibility.

Beautiful & Kind.

Welcome to the 21st century.

The Working Bag Helly

For love, for life


The bag was inspired by Leinné and Helly from Helly's daily life, a bag that can be with you in many events: going to work, going to meetings and even going out on weekends. For Earthday 2022, Helly and Leinné have designed this spacious bag. We use the recycled materials from the Refinity program to create this lovely bag.

The bag has a stand-up box shape and an open mouth to hold a laptop, documents and has many compartments for countless small things in the life of a modern woman. ​The strap is designed with a large version to bring personality and comfort while creating a harmonious overall. The strap can be adjusted according to the wearer's height.

The Helly bag is handcrafted from recycled fabric. If you would like to own this bag, please pre-order so Leinné's workshop can arrange production. 

You can choose the bag in 2 colors: light or dark.

The Helly Jade Chain

Energy of serenity


There are little things we carry all the time and everywhere, they become familiar, to the point we consider them like our lucky charms.

If the Helly Working Bag is where we store our secrets in countless things inside its spacious interior, the Helly Jade Chain is the companion for this period where sometimes masks are still needed in public places to protect ourselves.

Designed with the round jade beads, it evokes the image of the classic jewelry in the vintage jewelry box of grandmothers and mothers when we saw them when we were children.

Jade, a stone that brings energy of peace from its cool green color. Together with seashell beads and rose crystals, Leinné and Helly designed the chain with the inspiration of childhood memories and the energy of serenity.

The shining chain from jade, crystal and shell beads, in addition to wearing as a mask chain that helps you hold the mask, when turned around, it can also be worn as a necklace.


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