Galerie Mode: Art x Fashion - Nguyen Ngoc Liem

Introducing Artist Nguyen Ngoc Liem


"When we enlighten the universes through our austere, simple-hearted and carefree souls, all things from the most beautiful to the trivial, even things considered unsightly can all be essences of an art piece."

To Liem, painting is a daily routine, a way for him to tell his personal story and a place to keep little details of the life that he experienced. His paintings bring a sense of pureness and peace, from which conveys a soft, fresh and youthful feeling.

Nguyen Ngoc Liem is an independent artist, born in Bien Hoa and currently based in Saigon. After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University in 2015, he spent some time experiencing life with various jobs while still nurturing his love for art and his painting habit.

In 2017, he was chosen to be in the Top 20 of young talent competition Vietart Today. In 2019, he officially returned to the art scene with his personal exhibit "Wandering the Suburb", followed by yearly exhibitions include: “The SHOWCASE” - 2020, “Là Tĩnh Lặng” - 2021, and most recently "Giản Dị và Dịu Êm" - 2022.

The way I paint reects my inner self-belief of presenting the ordinary beauty within the entire living beings (of which people are seemingly oblivious) on my artwork, in order for us to adore, preserve and muse over them.

Artist Nguyen Ngoc Liem

Nguyen Ngoc Liem
Galerie Mode

Leinné and Galerie Mode chose Liem as the first Vietnamese artist to collaborate and display 2 of his paintings at our new space.

There is a light in Liem's painting.

Mimi Minh Leinné Creative Director, Co-founder

With the pastel palette of pink and cream, and little details like drops of water on the vase, Still Lilies oil painting is placed at the Harmony Corner at Galerie Mode.

Still Lilies by Nguyen Ngoc Liem

As a symbol of purity and innocence, lilies bring to the room a gentle glow and subtly sweet fragrance when blooming.

Nguyen Ngoc Liem’s signature brush strokes portray the lilies vase in a natural, simple way, yet still carefully detailed and full of emotions: the curved edge of the petals, the blooming pistil, the gradient between pink and white, or a few drops of water on the vase.

Displayed in Galerie Mode surrounded with fashion designs and decorative items, just like in a cozy home, Still Lilies is the focal point that brings light to the space without overwhelming other details in the room.

The painting brings tenderness and harmony from thin brush strokes and palette of pink - white - cream, reflecting the artist's modesty and the spirit of Galerie Mode by Leinné.

Blue Roses

If a flower vase adds to a space an elegance that’s welcoming and intimate, a vase of roses does better. Symbol of love, roses have an undeniable energy to fill a space with affection and tenderness.

Blue Roses painting by Nguyen Ngoc Liem has its own energy to fill a space with a sense of light that emerges from a light blue palette. The combination of thin strokes and monochrome space of colours expresses a vision of beauty born of intuitive inspiration..

Pay attention to the details that might delight and surprise you: the white dots on the roses, water in the vase, shadow strokes on the fabric.

In the themes of beauty, happiness, and innocence, Gardenia and Rosie hats are chosen to be placed next to this painting of Nguyen Ngoc Liem to create a garden of Leinné.

The paintings are displayed at Galerie Mode space, stop by to have a look and get your own art!

No. 43. passage 135, Tran Hung Dao street
Cau Ong Lanh ward
District 1, HCMC

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