Touch My Skin - Meaning of Jewellery

Sparkling jewelry always has a magical attraction for women because they highlight the outfit and bring spiritual values ​​​​of love, luck or happiness. If a pair of earrings adore the natural beauty of a woman's face, then a necklace or bracelet is to bring intimacy, imprinting on the skin with magical emotions.

On the eve of Christmas, women also want to give themselves something special as a way to love themselves. And surely you also want to send your loved one a gift to show your affection and keep your memories of the past year.

Let's take a look at Leinné's suggestions to find yourself and your loved ones a sophisticated gift on this special occasion!

Adore you

A sparkling necklace on her lovely neck or a bracelet that hugs her pretty wrist. This is a small gift that shows the special affection the giver wants for his woman. It is a closed circle, expressing the meaning of intimating and lasting love. Based on personality to choose the perfect necklace or bracelet, accompanied by meaningful messages dedicated to your beloved woman.

Frances pearl necklace and bracelet brings timeless beauty through the sparkling color of freshwater pearls. Bringing delicate and sweet senses to her.

Beauty and Grace

Earrings - a precious highlight of the outfit, showing the inherent beauty of women through delicate lines. From daily life to special occasions, every woman usually appears beautifully with her most-loved earrings. This is the perfect suggestion in the wishlist for our beloved women.

A delicate pair of pearl earrings creates a very distinct charm of elegance and grace. Leinné offers elegance-inspired by baroque style - Consus pearl earrings. With a minimalist design that emphasizes femininity through the timeless beauty of pearls, this is a very special gift you can give yourself as a way to cherish you - a precious woman.

Urban Chic

Designed as a perfect blend of rock style full of boldness and soft, delicate look of pearls. The Iri silver chain is the perfect piece of jewelry for the individual woman who is ready to express herself with the adventures of fashion.

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