We faced it and did not resist. The storm passed through us and around us. It’s gone, but we remain.

Frank Herbert - Dune

As summer is ticking in, our style shifts like a hidden side of ourselves comes out. We're drawn to clothes that are breezier, bolder, and more liberating. Long, warm evenings feel full of possibilities, and our outfits mirror that sense of wanting to break free. It's no wonder our summer wardrobes hold some of our best memories – they're a reflection of those carefree, adventurous times.

Inspired by the majesty of Frank Herbert’s Dune and the romantic mystery of summer, Leinné’s Amaréa collection bursts with vibrant energy and is infused with a passion for discovering uncharted territory. Amaréa is an interpretation by Leinné and creative director Mimi Minh Nguyen of freedom, survival, the universe, and the contemplation of the beauty of nature through the design language.

The collection embraces the desert's essence using natural materials including silk, velvet, natural raffia, adorned with nomadic accents. The flowing pleats evoke windswept dunes, while the color palette of deep mauve, sandy tones, and moonlit yellow reflects the desert's beauty. There is a touch of leopard prints to encapsulate the wild spirit of the landscape.

An enchanted silhouette

“Captivated by the story of the desert beauty, freedom and survival in the universe of Dune, I designed the Rania dress as a chapter in the Amaréa collection. A bodycon dress with its cut-out on one shoulder and a beautiful golden silk flowing underneath." - Mimi Minh Nguyen.

Rania dress with its asymmetrical necklace brings the eye to the woman's graceful neck and sun kissed shoulders. A symphony of contrasts ensues: black on top with gold silk cascades along the skirt, crafting a touch of playfulness entwined with elegance. It is a day-to-night fantasy of a sundress.

The artistry of a night sky

Using the nuances of design language to express the associations with the desert and the story of Dune, Leinné creative director also added another layer: Nouveau Realism, the art movement that was founded in the 60s by the art critic Pierre Restany and the painter Yves Klein. With ideas rooted from her graduation from fashion design school in Paris in 2016, colors were definitely a part of the message that fashion designers wanted to deliver. Thus, the gold is based on the painting of Yves Klein Age d'or, and the floating moon on this Sedna jacket is definitely inspired by Daniel Spoerri round dishes collage paintings.

Scarf hats

A creation that channels the secrets of the desert and wild endeavors, Leinné scarf hats are crafted from whisper-soft silk that flow like desert sands. The mesmerizing leopard print adds a touch of mystery.

Just like Frank Herbert drew inspiration from Arabic culture to build the unique world of Dune, Leinné's creative director and team take various elements and weave them into a fresh design language. This language embodies the spirit of the Leinné woman: a nomad who adapts to new influences while staying true to herself.  Her strength and adaptability are mirrored in the use of leopard prints, symbolizing her adventurous spirit and readiness to explore new frontiers.

The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience. A process that cannot be understood by stopping it. We must move with the flow of the process. We must join it.”

Frank Herbert - Dune

Sea, Shells and Rumi poèmes

Designed to ignite a sultry confidence as you move, Shell dress sets the mood for summer. It's a captivating combination - the natural beauty of the hand-woven shell top balanced by the chic drama of the black skirt, falling to a perfect maxi length. Shell dress epitomizes summer whimsy, perfect for a dreamy party by the beach.

Inspired by the mystical verses of Rumi, this hat is an embodiment of love and poetry. Verses from Rumi's exquisite poetry are embroidered beneath the brim. Rumi hat gives a sense of serene mystery that epitomizes summer romance.

Wind-sculpted inspiration

Maia silk dress brings sophistication with a hint of wild charm. The skirt flares gently from the fitted bodice, skimming your curves with a flattering silhouette. This dress is perfect for turning heads at a summer soirée, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and a touch of untamed allure. 

Mala bag is crafted from silk with a mesmerizing shimmer leopard print, with pleats hinting at the windblown curves of sand dunes. The metal round handle is a bold contrast to the fluid silhouette, channeling an eastern mystique. Take yours to a day at the beach or a soiree.

This chapter of Amaréa stands out with its bold and enigmatic color choices, unlike the brand's usual warm or soft tones for Autumn-Winter collection and the Harmony jewelry collection. The designer wants to embrace designs that are romantic yet powerful. Their palette features dark and alluring colors like black, gold, smoky gray, and deep mauve. These unique combinations create a sense of intrigue and richness, embodying the spirit of "Dune" - a place both magnificent and enticing that fuels the urge to explore life's hidden wonders.

“Sometimes the upcoming changes are too much for my emotions to take, I put my hand on my heart and listen to what it has to say. It reminds me the beauty of life lies in the unexpected, and the possibilities of making dreams come true make life worth living,” shared Mimi.

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