Sedna jacket: Nouveau Realism artistry

Inspired by the epic landscapes of Frank Herbert's Dune and the Nouveau Realism movement, Sedna jacket embodies the spirit of adventure and unconventional artistry. It's crafted for those who crave the mystery of uncharted territories, a fusion of desert majesty and romantic intrigue.

Sedna jacket is part of the Amaréa collection. Drawing inspiration from the sun-drenched days by the sea, from the book "Bonjour tristesse" and the movie “L’amant”, the collection is infused with the play of natural materials and a mesmerizing palette of colors inspired by the ocean. Amaréa is a celebration of summer romance, sensuality and seaside languor.

Asymmetrical design with round golden velvet pocket inspired by Daniel Spoerri’s snare-pictures
Handcrafted by Leinné artisans

Velvet suede
Silk lining

Embrace the unconventional by pairing Sedna jacket with Shell dress and Rumi hat. The soft drape of the suede complements the flow of the dress, creating a beautiful contrast between smooth and textured. The romance from Rumi lyrics and the extravagant form of the hat encapsulates the summer romantic appeal.

Restaurant de la City Galerie (1965), Daniel Spoerri.

Untitled Monogold (1959). Yves Klein. 


The artistry of colors

Colors were definitely a part of the message that fashion designers wanted to deliver. Crafted in a rich, deep mauve and sand-hued velvet with a touch of gold, Sedna jacket has its unique charm of an ethereal beauty. The interplay of these colors creates a harmony as captivating as the celestial dance above the desert sands. 

The golden plate

The “golden plate”, a round pocket crafted in golden velvet, is influenced by Daniel Spoerri’s snare-pictures. Inspired by the artist's ability to transform everyday objects into captivating art, this jacket is a covetable statement maker that serves your modern wardrobe. It's a statement piece, blurring the lines between utility and artistic expression.

The asymmetry

The asymmetrical cut mirrors the ever-shifting shapes of the dunes, designed for those who embrace a touch of unconventionality.

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