Wave hat

Wave hat is inspired from the extravagant movement of sea wave. Splendid and original, waves has always been the sea melody. Its nuances, hardly can we catch. But that eternal song; mysteriously, always brings us a sense of nostalgia and transcendence

Coming from the Formscape collection, with collaboration with art studio Cotonoré Paris Wave hat is one of our limited artworks. The hat brim is made from an unique invisible sewing technique to create an unconfined silhouette. Undulating gracefully, Wave hat complements the magic fluctuation of nature, which portrays woman's nuances with her strong sensitivity 

A handcrafted design arrives as the mysterious language of sea 
Inner band circumference: 57.5 cm (size M)
Crown height: 10 cm
Crown diameter : 15 cm
Width of brim: 39 cm

Undulating wide hat brim made from flexible raffia and uncycled cotton, with stitches-hidden techinque from Formscape limited collection

100% natural raffia and upcycle cotton


Carrying the free spirit of wave and sea, the hat is ideal for any vacation to the beach. It specially fits with bikini  to reveal your bare shoulder and a flowy hem skirt for a feminine appeal. If there is any thing you want to add, find a small bag with a festive palette to accentuate the summer party.


Savoir - Faire


The hat spcecial form is a handcrafted creation from our 20-year-old atelier, using blind-stitch technique that is unique to Formscape collection. The undulating brim is versatile to the wind, for the magic curvy form to display in its purest state. We mean to use mindfully chosen materials like upcycled cotton and raffia from Madagascar for the hat to leave a gentle touch on your skin and maintain our sustainable value.

Wave hat emblems the original movement of wave - the sea hidden fold that carries thoughts, love and a sensual connection to us. From an endless inspiration from sense, touch, and moment, our artisans deliver designs that gratify what you feel about this world, uniquely. 

Invisible Sewing Technique

The brim is what unique to this hat, with blind-stitch sewing technique that only one of our artisan can make. The making process last for 18 hours to deliver the final hat, with thousands of thread line being sewn exactly the same size

The blue cotton strand is from upcycled material, vegetable dyed for environment purpose. It is not simply glued around the brim, it is sewn by hand to elevate a smooth feel when touched.

Inspection and Finishing

Any waste from the process is carefully collected and recycled. The design when finished is inspected again to ensure its precision. A complete design requires constant attention from the artisans and a thorough making process, prioritizing sustainable direction.


Wave hat is a part of the Leinné Formscape Collection. Formscape explores the endless possibilities of “landscape” and “forms”: the shapes created by nature. Inspired by artwork of William Russell Flint, the pieces of Formscape are designed and crafted to evoke the harmony of the senses and beauty of the shapes formed by nature: mountain, river flow, sky and sea…


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