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Love Gestures

Love is often expressed by unspoken gestures.

 Let's cherish love with Leinné artisanal creations in this Love Gestures gift selection.

With love and care, from us to you.

Words of Love

We express love through our heartful words. Love is a universal language that can be conveyed across countries and cultures. 

“Words of Love” is 12 words finely selected by Leinné in English, Vietnamese, and French. Each word is a unique meaning of love, hand-embroidered on the Délice and Riveria hat forms with Leinné signature font.

Small Gestures

It's the small things that count. A little tenderness.

Pearl Lover Headband

€185,00 EUR

Leinné raffia beret

€98,00 EUR

Sasha sportive kitten heels

€145,00 EUR

Mimi shell mask chain

€36,00 EUR

Simon Mini bucket bag

€156,00 EUR

Faye mini raffia bag

€145,00 EUR

Tender Touch

 Treasure the moments spent together

Frances flat pearl bracelet

€71,76 EUR

Moon Egg pearl necklace

€145,00 EUR

Soeur Silk Hairtie

€70,00 EUR

Bucket Silk Hat Vaud

€135,00 EUR

Raffia Bucket Hat Amber

€165,00 EUR

Long-term Understanding

Cherish your private bond with Leinné gift cards. Send Leinné gift cards that Leinné will deliver with care to your loved ones.

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