The Gift


Leinné always dreams of a private event where our beloved customers feel welcome, where they can stay together and talk about their love of bags and hats that they carry around anywhere they have been to.

Then the dream comes true…

We have a month to make a plan and turn our ideas into reality. Here we can decribe it for your imagination.The party comes in four colors: the bordeaux red of champagne, the black blue of night, a little lafayette green on leaves and the beautiful yellow shining from lights in Leinné Apartment.



And to truly satisfy our customers, we have been together in many days to prepare carefully every single thing like the small Christmas lights, tablecloth, decorating materials. We also have a lot of ideas to arrange and decorate our bags and hats. We always try to make it perfect.



We offer FREE gift wrapping service for any products you buy at Leinné Apartment. We understand that the end of the year is the best occasion for ybest wrapping papers, the most beautiful boxs and various kinds of ribbon to make your gift special to express your love and sincere gratitude to your beloved ones.



All we want to do is to create a space where our special guests can have some champagne together and enjoy this moment when the music is played. Nat King Cole ‘s Christmas songs are always a good choice for a warm night in a beautiful room of an old French style villa. We wish you could be here to feel the atmosphere in this moment.





Leinné would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for those who always give us the best supports in every steps we have been through. It is our honor to have you in our journey



Leinné thank you for your time staying with us in these very last sentences. Now we have another dream, a dream of a night being with you in the next private event. If you meet us in that dream, we will make it real. Hope to see you soon.


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