Ageless Beauty Workshop by Leinné x Viet Cuong Hoang x Embryolisse

Leinné has always cherished the idea of organizing a private event to celebrate and honor the original beauty of our beloved customers of all ages. That dream was realized through a Workshop named Ageless Beauty last Saturday, by Leinné, Viet Cuong Hoang, and Embryoulisse in the poetic space of Leinné Apartment.

With the aim to promote the message “Beauty at any age”, the Workshop brought wonderful knowledge of how to style elegant French looks for all ages from Leinné, how to makeup and skincare from the sharing of a Makeup Artist - Viet Cuong Hoang, and experience natural beauty products of Embryolisse - a long-standing cosmetic brand.

Especially, Leinné also introduced LEINNÉ BEAUTÉ - a corner to share about sustainable cosmetic brand developed exclusively for sensitive skin.



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