The experience of outside world and its relation with our inner - the core concept of Leinné. We believe in the beauty of moment, that trigger emotion and inspire us to achieve our inner sense.


Sunshine - an endless source of inspiration in Leinné designs. Sunshine of the garden in the subconscious of childhood. Sunshine of the faraway lands that Leinné has arrived. And sunshine in every moment of life.

Under the glory of sunrise, look at the way sunshine holding our bags and dropping shadows on the floor, who can resist this mysterious beauty?

Henriette - Dreamy box  

The shape of box gives a strong look and the feeling of fullness.

Henriette is dancing with the wind in the sunshine. The moving straps let go of stillness, making the air like swinging. Henriette reminds us of the summer adventure. Driving in a getaway car, we start the journey to the new land with full of dreams.

Anja - Full embrace  

In shape of a balanced rectangle, Anja leaves us sense of harmony. Caught up in the delicate strap cross the design, all of a sudden we let our fingers move under it, then we find the feeling of fullness and warmth fill in your heart.

Anja is fluttering in the warm breeze of a sunny day. The way she moves is like a ballet dancer performing passionately on the stage and you are her audience. Every dance is filled with freedom and joy. Finding her so stunning, sunshine has replaced the spotlight stage to follow every steps she moves.

Eyes on me

Just a touch on, "She" inclines her half-moon to the breath of sun and suddenly gets a mischievous kiss with the tiny lavender branch. Can you see the graceful curve swinging on the shadow under such pure sunshine? "She" wants your attention. She’s like walking in a lavender garden of July upon a hill, she keeps her face to the sunshine and let her vibrant color of raffia shine.

One day that summer

One day that summer, there was a spontaneous journey to remember, clear blue sky, and moments that we wish to keep forever. Because a bag is not only an accessory, it contains memories of who and where we were at certain points in our lives, that one day we will smile when we touch these precious items in our closets.

Travel - It might be going to a faraway land or wandering through the city and discovering something you have never seen before. That's the way Leinné travel, with fresh eyes and open heart.

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