Pur Beurre - Pure Pearls

Pur Beurre, in French, is pronounced like "pure pearl" - a playful way for us to let you know that we now have what you asked for: pearl accessories.

Pur Beurre means soft butter, a sensual image to signify the intimate relation between the skin and pearls when worn.

Drop 2: Frances

A contemporary twist on the classic pearl, Frances flat pearl choker attracts the eye with its playful shape. The pearls sit flush against the skin, shimmering with a gorgeous pearlescence. The minimal choker form balances the pearl’s organic beauty, celebrating the woman's understated charm.


Frances flat pearl choker


Frances flat pearl earrings is the blend of elegance and uniqueness, the beauty of nature and the ingenuity of human's hands. The irisdescent hues of dangling flat pearls bring warmth to the contemporary pair of earrings. Frances evokes sensual beauty from within, celebrating the unique characteristics of a woman.

Photo: Sculptural wall mirror by Rogan Gregory

Frances flat pearl earrings


Subtle and lovely, Frances flat pearl bracelet adorns the understated grace of woman. Its simple structure with flat pearls tied with a string is reminiscent of childhood pearl buttons that we keep like treasures.The bracelet gently brights in the daylight and adds a touch of femininity to the evening party.


Frances flat pearl bracelet


 Source: Cereal Magazine

Drop 1: Moon Egg

In the photo: Sculpture by Jean (Hans) Arp (1886-1966)

Delicately touching collarbone and adorning the lovely neckline, Moon Egg necklace is a statement of timeless femininity. Its minimalist design with unique pearls portrays the delicate, seductive beauty with a touch of playfulness combined with the classic beauty of pearls.

 Source: madelineanne.com.au


Moon Egg pearl necklace


Classic and sophisticated, Moon Egg pearl earrings take inspiration from the full moon. Moon Egg's appeal comes from its minimalist silhouette, emanating light from within the pearl. Moon Egg carries the beauty of simplicity, honoring the femininity through the limits of time.


Moon Egg pearl earrings


Let's explore our inspirations for this collection:

Collages by Leigh Wells

Scuplture by Constantin Brancusi

“Donut” Candle Holder by Ottan Studio

Pur Beurre Collection Drop 3 will be revealed on Jul 23.

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