Our skin is a part of our outward presentation to the world. It's also a picture of all the emotions going on inside of us. During days when we feel cluttered and claustrophobic because of spending so much time at home, Leinné Beauté brings The healing theme to soothe the skin and the soul of you, who have to force yourself to erect a barrier against negative emotions.

Leinné Beauté 1st edition - The healing theme is about the beauty from within. Not just skincare, The healing theme accompanies your emotional journey. That is a time to listen to the messages from your skin, love yourself, and feel a strong connection with your soul.

The Healing Theme introduces skincare products made from natural ingredients with high selectivity to provide the best benefits to the skin. You will experience a complete yet simple skincare routine, suitable for both modern men and women.

RIKU is the first international sustainable cosmetic brand that Leinné Beauté brings with The healing theme. The skincare routine encapsulated in just 4 steps with RIKU's products will take care of your skin healthy, glowing, and clear of acne. An ease of mind with its soft fragrance and natural ingredients that are kind to your skin.

Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.

Khalil Gibran

First Milk cleanser - Soothing relaxation

Cleansing is an indispensable step in any skincare routine to remove dirt and help the skin absorb nutrients easily. Massaging with ultra-gentle cleansing foam RIKU First milk cleanser in a pleasant scent will bring you a feeling of relaxation after a tiring working day.

The additional effect of colostrum improves skin's structure for even skin tone, firm and smooth skin. The cleanser has been subjected to rigorous dermatological testing to ensure that your sensitive skin is cared for with thoughtful curation.

Organic Rice Anti-blemish booster - Healing from within

Great healing for sensitive skin, soothing acne spots that bother you.

With concentrated ingredients from 9 different types of plants such as algae, aloe vera, rice, Organic rice anti-blemish booster is the ideal product to soothe, balance, and facilitate skin's absorption of nutrients in the next step. The natural rice germ extract helps remove dark spots and blemish in a gentle, non-irritating way. Provides relaxation and vigorous wake-up of the skin.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Coco Chanel

First Milk serum - Awaken skin vitality

Stress, fatigue is the cause that makes the skin easy to dull, appear many dark spots and wrinkles. The star of our Healing Theme - First milk serum is the key to help you alleviate this anxiety, bringing smooth and glowing skin.

The specialized moisturizing serum made from colostrum enhances the natural structure of the skin and reverses the aging process 60 times more effectively than normal milk.

First Milk cream - Enjoy the smooth and glowing skin

Complete the simple skincare routine by moisturizing your skin. Now, you can completely relax and let First milk cream perform its moisturizing task for a long time.

Possesses healthy, glowing skin with concentrated nutrients from colostrum, improving natural elasticity and preventing aging. The skin will also be stimulated to produce collagen to deeply nourish the internal structure and visibly reverse pores.

“We define a different type of beauty

Kind to you

Kind to the Earth ”

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