Paris Iconic Editions

If Paris is one of the iconic capitals of fashion, the Parisian woman is its leading figure: innate elegance, nonchalant air, masculine inspiration and insolent simplicity. Inès de La Fressange, fashion designer and influential Parisian, said: "The secret of style is to feel good in what you wear". The Parisian relies on classics, which she assembles with taste and which give her the confidence she needs to face every moment of her day. 

Leinné has selected for you pieces that pay tribute to this timeless and charming figure of the Parisian woman. A clever mix of audacity, freedom and femininity, these effortless chic staples make what we call a Parisienne's wardrobe. 


Parisian style is all about look chic and master the casual pieces without effort. The aim to find a right balance between dressed up and laid-back. The Parisian take the code of effortless cool, nonchalant but not arogant.

Keep your look simple and clean with a statement piece  

Being Parisian is not being born in Paris, it is being reborn ther.

Sacha Guitry, French actor

Lilou raffia fedora hat

€177,00 EUR

Lilou raffia fedora hat is a vibrant foliage reaching for the sunlight. The design is a harmonious blend of strong personality, liberal spirit and soft feminine beauty that brings the breath of nature. 

New In: Bucket Cabas raffia bag

€142,60 EUR

Effortless, versatile and lightweight, the Leinné Bucket Cabas has it all: classic French Cabas handles and the iconic round bucket shape of Leinné makes it a timeless accessory, while the raffia elevates it to the status of a precious summer bag. 


Whenever ever a Parisian woman wears something super feminine, they add a masculine touch and vice versa. It's no need to hunt for extravagance, stay true to your sense of style and find a sweet point between a nonchalant taste and a soft touch.

That blend between masculine pieces and feminine profiles ensures your look effortlessly chic  


New In: Léon Raffia Fedora straw hat

€320,00 EUR

Simplicity, modernity and delicate details are the watchwords of the Léon fedora hat. A unique Leinné creation created by hands in Leinné atelier. The masculine structure is adorned by sophisticated work of raffia and openwork details. 

Marjolie raffia bag

€245,00 EUR

Inspired by third-quarter moon which triggers light for the senses, Marjolie shape is soft and lightsome with subtle curves. The outerior is knitting natural raffia that creates a balance between colors and shape. Thick lining sewed by Leinné craftsmen makes the interior comfortable and spacious.

Masculin raffia fedora hat

€345,00 EUR

Masculin raffia fedora hat, unlike the norm in hat-making, is morphed to portray the beauty of imperfection. Made from raffia mixed with wooden button in amber, this short brim hat completes the look of a bohemian yet free-spirited lady. It can be mixed with jeans and shirts in any colors.


Aimée raffia hat

€151,80 EUR

With a classic inspiration from Chanel hats in 1910, Aimée carries the spirit of eureka - the moment born in a carefree, flamboyant summertime, Aimée is the taste on a fresh lips when sensing love: the first touch of life.

Timeless Pieces

Until you've been kissed by one of those rainy Parisian afternoons, you've never been kissed.

Woody Allen, American actor and director

Frances flat pearl choker

€125,00 EUR

A contemporary twist on the classic pearl, Frances flat pearl choker attracts the eye with its playful shape. The pearls sit flush against the skin, shimmering with a gorgeous pearlescence. The minimal choker form balances the pearl’s organic beauty, celebrating the woman's understated charm. 

Frances flat pearl bracelet

€78,00 EUR

Subtle and lovely, Frances flat pearl bracelet adorns the understated grace of woman. Its simple structure with flat pearls tied with a string is reminiscent of childhood pearl buttons that we keep like treasures.The bracelet gently brights in the daylight and adds a touch of femininity to the evening party. 

Frances flat pearl drop earrings

€49,00 EUR

Frances flat pearl earrings is the blend of elegance and uniqueness, the beauty of nature and the ingenuity of human's hands. The irisdescent hues of dangling flat pearls bring warmth to the contemporary pair of earrings. Frances evokes sensual beauty from within, celebrating the unique characteristics of a woman. 

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