Libraries are sanctuaries for those who seek wisdom, enlightenment and escape. They are where ideas are sparked, knowledge is preserved, and communities learn. There’s something about the quiet and soul-enriching energy of the library that transports us to a different world.

library@orchard, located at level 3 and 4 of Orchard Gateway, serves as an oasis for contemplation amidst the business of the Orchard Road. Built on the theme of “Design is for everyone”, the library focuses on applied arts, design, and lifestyle, with a collection of 100,000 books, magazines and audio-visual materials.

While the wealth of bibliography is undoubtedly the highlight, library@orchard also earns a reputation for its unique aesthetics. The bleach white walls, bamboo floors, warm brown ceilings are carefully curated to give prominence to the main actors - books. Using a distinctive visual and verbal language, the library integrates unique experience to make a creative space accessible for both creatives and the general community.

What to wear

Leinné's signature Bucket Cabas raffia bag is made with playful classic codes that elevate it to the status of a precious summer bag. The natural facade and lovely bucket shape is enhanced with Paper moon tag in bright color and Helly jade bag charm. Add some delight with Bistro shell chain that can be worn as a mask chain and a glasses strap.

Even if you’re not too much of a book lover, library@orchard deserves a place in your Singapore bucket list. The quietness there is both inviting and comforting, which allows you a virtual escape. You’ll find yourself a part of a learning community, sitting together in the same roof and yet everyone is a single universe, entranced in their own world. Being surrounded by a variety of stories is a calming influence that only libraries can offer.

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