The International Women’s Day is not merely a moment to celebrate women but an occasion to reflect on womanhood. At Leinné, we are inspired by our wonderful women, who has a mind of her own, her intuition is her best friend and she enriches her life with the experience and inspiration from traveling.

This Women’s day, we select the words we love that are related to the identity of Leinné  and share the meaning of them on how we love being a woman.


Softness is a woman’s armor. It takes courage to be soft. It means acknowledging your emotions and being open to the world. Being soft allows us to adapt to change and challenges without breaking.

To be soft is to be powerful

Silk is a perfect embodiment of softness. It’s warm enough for airy days and cool enough to cover the skin from the sun in extreme summer. Soft textures are emotionally soothing – we are drawn to it when we seek comfort.

“Inspired by the desire to wrap something around me on my travels to feel safe, silk jackets are versatile enough while their softness gives me reassurance and a luxurious feel. When you’re going to a new land it is essential to have a jacket - a shield to take care of you, a warm, cozy, familiar feeling that gives you extra confidence.” - Mimi Minh Nguyen, Creative director


"I believe life is meant to be lived with joy. Listening to the sound of the surrounding world, your mind is full of endlessly flickering imaginations. When you're having fun and feeling good, you're more likely to see yourself in a positive light." - Vicky, Sales representative

Délice Cottage hat and Mekong Lush Classic hat are the ones depicting “playful”. It is the spontaneous details that elevates the hat, giving it a fresh feel and a bit of deliberate imperfection. Those who love a playful touch and something unique would love these hats.


Freedom isn't about doing whatever one feels like – it is about having choices. Freedom is being able to choose how one wants to live, to change one's mind and choose a different path.

“Each person has a complex inner world, constantly evolving with unexplored depths, so I think it is beautiful that we can choose how we want to live in different times of life. Having freedom is being able to let yourself live to the fullest. I hope every woman feels free to be themselves, in all their beauty, power and grace.” - Vy Tran, Content Creator

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