A considered approach

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A considered approach

Here in the alley of district 3, nested a minimalist house with a front door painted in rose colour. Far from the noise of the city, we meet Trang Cao, founder of the beauty spa Rose de Mai. Clean and calm interior space that has an interesting mixture of the traditional Indochine style and modern minimalist feel, just like Trang, her feminine individuality and passion for beauty inspires us. 


Which inspiration inspired you to participate in business?

There are two important factors: firstly, the great passion for making beauty, a big dream that even went inside my dream. Secondly, I met the right person to be my partner at the right time.

I want to build a place with professional standards such as spa in Paris, New York, where customers come to relax and enjoy, being taken care of from A to Z about beauty and shaped their current lifestyle. 

"I would like small pressures and trivial things in life as long as I want to live for myself, do whatever I love in my particular way and also to inspire my daughter later."

As being in the beauty industry, how would you describe your fashion style?

I think the fashion style has improved every single day. Elegant, monochrome, polite and expressing my personality.

Are there any differences among your casual clothes, your style on vacation and in an event?

Everyday or during the holidays, my clothes are: easy to wear and liberal. As for the event, it will be a bit more delicate.

Interested in fashion and beauty, how do you feel about the connection between you and Leinné?

I harmonize with the thoughtfulness, aesthetics and uniqueness of Leinné designs.

For me, Saigon is bustling, friendly and sincere.I like wandering around looking for nice cafes in an empty alley, designed in a monotonous and presentable way.

What accessories are indispensable when you go out?

Bag, sunglasses, lipstick, a bracelet or earrings will be the highlight of my outfit.

Describe your daily hat and bag.

My daily bag is a large tote bag that holds a lot of things, or a versatile bag that goes with the parties and looks like a fashionable box bag.

My daily hats will depend on the mix-and-match selection, for example: the tomboy style jeans will be a perfect match with a baseball cap or a small brim bucket hat, a trendy skirt will go with a wide-brimmed hat.

How did Saigon attract you? List some of your favorite places here.

For me, Saigon is bustling, friendly and sincere.

I like wandering around looking for nice cafes in an empty alley, designed in a monotonous and presentable way.

Can you share with us your inspiration in your life? Do you have a certain role model?

Like the style I chose for Rose de Mai Spa, I like something that has not only classic but modern beauty, and has an artistic improvised arrangement. I do not have a specific ideal model, but I would love to learn from the wonderful people around me.


Do you have any big plans for this 2020?

Always being my true self, pursuing and developing my career with desire and passion, quite eagerly waiting for the unexpected opportunities of life. 

I will definitely go meditation for about 10 days to relax and purify my soul/


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