Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, have you got your Christmas gifts ready? Our artisanal hats, bags or jewelry is the perfect gift that contains the simplicity and classic touch from nature, yet special in their own way and can show the receiver that you love and care enough to personalize the gift for them.

Discover our Christmas gift guide for different styles suggestions for you to choose for our loved ones or for yourself!

*This holiday season, we are offering a FREE gift wrapping service on request. Don't forget to let our in-store staff know if you would like to enjoy this service.

The Classic

Classic designs for ladies who love elegant simplicity.


Sandra Mini raffia bag

€460,00 EUR

Losange silk hand-quilted hat

€390,00 EUR€312,00 EUR

Grace & Character

Feminine with a stylish personal twist.


Délice Classic 2.0 Raffia Hat

€160,00 EUR€160,00 EUR

Tam bag

€450,00 EUR

Raffia Bucket Hat Amber

€210,00 EUR€210,00 EUR

Casual Chic

Casual yet chic, all in our athleisure raffia designs.


Avocado raffia bag

€132,00 EUR€132,00 EUR

Pearl Lovers

For ladies who love pearls, our exclusive designs with sophisticated baroque pearls.

Disco Jewels

Be the light of the party with our black raffia designs with baroque pearls details.

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