The winter edit

As winter slumbers on, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe for the upcoming winter escapes. Winter styling seems easy in theory until you actually match the items in a harmonious way as well as celebrating individual styles. 

This is our first collection of winter designs in full bloom: berets, bonnets, wool headbands hand-knitted by Vietnamese artisans. Explore Leinné winter creations, inspired by the snow-capped mountains and cold city breezes. These creations serve both stylistically and functionally, as well as expressing your characteristics.

The Leopard Dance

The iconic bucket hat has been reworked by Leinné with a leopard pattern that reflects a playful mood.

Add a touch of joy: Leopard Dance bucket hat and bag designs are crafted in faux fur and wool with 3D leopard patterns sewn on with pieces of leftover fabrics in our atelier.

Leopard Dance eco fur bucket hat

Hats is where it all began for Leinné, it is also perhaps the ultimate winter accessory that adds a mysterious touch to your look. To protect yourself from the freezing snowflakes, Leinné Leopard Dance bucket hat crafted with eco fur, blending with cotton in wool will definitely keep you warm throughout the winter. 

Leopard Dance eco fur bucket bag

A well chosen bag can be the difference between an unremarkable outfit and true style. Pair the Leopard Dance eco fur bucket bag with the Leopard Dance bucket hat for an ultimate fun and unique look, carrying the inevitable appeal to modern women in the winter days.

The best pieces for the colder months go beyond functionality; they offer a hint of whimsical wonder. The bag strikes a balance of contemporary appeal and artisanship.

Mountain colors

Debbie handwoven wool headband

When going for mono outfits, picking out the tones from your key pieces and echoing them in your accessories brings the look together. If you would like to break up from the same toned outfits by adding a touch of playfulness, Debbie headband got your back. Handwoven from wool and elevated with shimmer, the headband carries the lively duo-colour patterns inspired by the natural landscape of the mountains.

Amelia handwoven wool beret

What makes winter more fun and playful? How about an elevated classic French wardrobe icon? Amelia wool beret is characterised by the delightful round plate and slightly oversized fit. The threads of glitters with colours inspired by the natural landscape of Paris and Ladakh, India add light to the cold days, while the soft, densely-woven wool keeps you warm and stylish. Wear Amelia tipped slightly to one side in a French lilt, pulled down covering the ears, or whatever you fancy. Pair it with coats and no doubt you will be the main character in French movies.

Sweet pastel

Once winter comes and the seasonal glumness hits, it’s all too easy to fall into a regimen of dull colours and drown into a sea of navy, black and grey. Why not freshen up your wardrobe with a touch of pastel: Mindy hand-woven wool bucket hat.

Understated and versatile, you can keep this in your routine right into early spring with lighter jackets and shirts, too. Its soft silhouettes make it a go-to staple.

Sweet as a candy, Mindy adds personality to your outfits - casual, sporty, or streetwear which makes you the stylist in winter. Mindy adds lights to the cold days and accentuates your holiday adventures. 

Shimmering joy

A statement beret is perfect for wintertime adventures. Add a pop of color to go with classic coats. 

Like sunshine in the winter days, Soleil beret is the symbol of French chic and fine Vietnamese artisanship, handcrafted from metallic wool. Accentuate the golden light by pairing it with an oversized sweater in dark colour and Eva midi skirt.

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