The washable, ironable, packable raffia hats and bags of Leinné

Raffia lies at the core of our identity and has been used as the main materials for signature hats and bags lines. Humble as it may seem, raffia has long been considered the heart of high fashion. At Leinné, we source high-quality raffia to craft eco-luxury, sensual objects, an expertise that turns ordinary into precious.

At Leinné atelier, raffia is processed with special techniques to preserve elasticity by maintaining air bonds and foaming in each fiber. Therefore, our raffia designs can be cleaned with water, ironed and reshaped. We also offer spa service if you find your product needs care and recovery.

What is raffia?

R­­affia is a straw-like material gained from palm trees, a species native to Madagascar, where the very best of its kind flourish. Different kinds of raffia palm trees can also be found across South East Asia, and South and Central America. 

Raffia harvesting is generally considered sustainable. The raffia fiber is obtained by peeling of raffia palm leaves and sun drying the strands, which means the plant isn’t harmed and can continue to grow and produce. As they begin to dry out, the green strands change into a beautiful natural beige color as we usually see. Raffia is totally natural, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.


A true gem in textile, raffia earns love thanks to its excellent attributes. It’s strong, soft, anti-UV, and incredibly resilient. It contains natural resin which makes it flexible enough for manipulating, and durable enough to refrain from becoming brittle over time. Raffia is often preferred by craftsmen as it is lightweight, easy to dye, skin-friendly, and can be made into garments that are unique in appeal.

An outstanding feature of raffia is its natural resistance to water. It doesn’t shrink when it comes in contact with moisture, yet it is flexible enough to weave easily into a fabric or other accessories. However, it’s important to note that raffia is not totally waterproof. It may lose its original shape when soaked. Therefore, proper care of your raffia products is important to ensure its longevity. 

Raffia at Leinné

In Leinné workshop, raffia, under the hands of experienced craftsmen, will be manipulated to be unique artworks – from design to detail.

The manual works contribute the most to the perfection of the product, because these are semi-handmade items with great difficulty, requiring meticulousness and patience. Manual operations require skills and creativity. What our craftsmen use in our atelier are usually very simple: needles for sewing, crocheting, knitting; a professional sewing machine, a manual sewing machine for making small details, and different types of scissors, steam irons, bulldozers…

From natural raffia, we make sensual and beautiful hats, bags, shoes and accessories that follow you through voyages. Their quality and authenticity are best expressed in every thread and seam that showcase the manufacturer’s expertise and skill. Every piece reflects the quintessence of craftsmanship and natural beauty, enabling the owner to form a personal connection with the design they choose to own through just a single touch.

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