The playful spirit of Leinné

Being playful is important in many ways at Leinné, where the charm and delights come from the organic forms and feelings of materials and craftsmanship.

We would like to say creativity is an explorative journey.

On the quest for beauty and poetic sensuality of the brand, the door to creativity and innovation is opened in a different way: with fun, spontaneity and dreams.


Home wonderland

Nourish your playful spirit at home. 

In our private space, our energy is renewed with taking time for ourselves.

Energy can achieve a lot more than strength ever will.

Jordan hat

Roll-able, this hat is always in motion

Bessette headband

A casual day of the Carolyn Bessette, the style icon

Lalaland hat

Endless imagination

Leopard Dance bag

Soft, playful and fierce 


Dream horizon

Pausing is an opportunity to look beyond everyday life. 

Listening to the sound of the surrounding world, your mind is full of endlessly flickering imaginations. 

Silk eye mask

Renew your energy

Modernist hat in Trocadero & Hyde Park

The colour portraits

Thinking of the stars hat

Dreaming of new horizon

Sandra hat

Sunlight through the windows


Upside down

The secret of playfulness is looking at everything with different eyes. 

‘Eureka’ in Greek it means the act of finding inspiration from the observation of your surroundings. If you look closer, longer, or at different angles… you might find yourself on an explorative journey of things you have not seen before.

Sasha kitten heels

Shoes for the modern Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Thinking of the stars necklace bag

Bag as a necklace. Why not?

Sunset Boulevard bag

Spontaneous transformation

Full circle headband

A story of joyous circles


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