Introduce the Lu Hat

The challenging call for new horizons and open paths demand your most spirited response. There is a sense of hope and liberty in minimal dressing, calling the free-spirits and free-thinkers. Discover the poetry of pure white, elegant beige and nonchalant navy palette of the Lu hat. Minimal, light and nonchalant, Lu hat represents freedom and sensuality, a state of mind we should all inhabit.

The Colour Palette

Inspired by creating the autumn colormaps, Leinné designed Lu Hat with many nuances of the continuous season intersection: white, beige and navy. Each color brings its own effects for ladies who love the timeless classic and contemporary influence.


The Lu hat belongs to a soul that loves the classic beauty. On top of the category of basic colors, White represents purity and simplicity that compliments and not overwhelms the person.

Nonchalant navy

Sometimes, joy starts with simple things. The navy colour stands for the seduction of the night, the quiet and emotional understanding. The Navy version Lu hat has a mysterious quality of attraction.


Lu hat itself is an artwork and the colour beige is made for women who love effortless beauty. The color itself is a neutral color that has been a symbol of minimalism for decades.


The Lu hat is made to instantly transform low-key ensembles and add a sophisticated elegance to a bold outfit. With the contemporary and minimalist form, Lu hat lends a classy edge to workwear and off-duty looks, making it the perfect ally for busy women, who often need to add an effortlessly decadent touch to their daytime attire under the sun.

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