Introduce the Berlodge Bag

Let's explore the poetic beauty of the Berlodge bag, a versatile spirit of in-between season. With endless inspiration from minimalistic architectural design, Berlodge were designed with a contrast between a simple box shape and small handcrafted details on the straps, flaps, and bag charm to create a timeless artful piece.

Natural shades

Inspired by the natural beauty of Raffia, Leinné creates the Berlodge design from Normandy's style with sharp edges and simple shapes. The embellishment of the classic body is meticulous details from hand-knit pieces of leather and spontaneous material of raffia.

A city staycation

Representing those who love exploring new venues right where they live, the Berlodge design carries an artful blend of Madagascar's signature material Raffia with playful leather touch and upcycled linen lining.

Subtle silhouettes

With the spirit of touch and feel, Berlodge carries the aroma of botanicals and sunlight and instantly exudes its uniqueness.

Minimalist chic

The elegance and minimalism make the Berlodge bag become an item that can accompany you during trips to faraway lands or even in the cities where you live.

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