In celebration of World Oceans Month, Leinné's team discovered the vast impact of plastic pollution, and contemplated how designers use design language to encourage change. 

Leinné believes fashion can be a powerful force for positive change. That’s why we're committed to protecting the oceans, both through practical actions and evocative design.

“I have a special spot in my heart for the summer by the sea during my time in Europe. It was a vast canvas painted with the turquoise hues of tranquility and the frothy white strokes of crashing waves. There is something liberating about going to a faraway seashore alone, barefoot on the warm sand, and feel the salty spray clinging to my skin.

The sea, therefore, has been my muse since day one, and of course my latest creations. As I collect the memories and love for the ocean, the fabrics became my canvas. Pleats that mimicked the little waves on the surface. Seashells, starfish and scallops are used to create pieces that look like childhood long lost treasures. I think the ocean offers many things at once, from refuge and escapism to new resources and a way of nurturing for the soul, which makes it a constant resource of inspiration.” - Mimi Minh Nguyen, Leinné creative director 

Leinné's latest collection Amaréa is a homage to the majesty of the sea. Drawing inspiration from the sun-drenched days by the sea, the collection is infused with the play of natural materials and a mesmerizing palette of colors inspired by the ocean. Amaréa is a celebration of summer romance, sensuality and seaside languor. 

The touch of ocean

One of the most captivating designs from the collection is Miriam shell jewelry. It is a shape of a long lost childhood treasure, now hanging at the end of a golden chain necklace and earrings, shimmering in hand.

While the earrings come with the dainty pearl drop, catching lights like a dewdrop on a seashell, the delicate stars on the necklace evoke a constellation splashed across the night sky.

Through design language, Leinné loves to bring the wearer a piece of the ocean's magic, fostering a connection to its depth and wonders.

The Scallop

Soft and gentle like the waves slowly approaching the shore, Leinné Scallop hats with scallop details are full of romance and allure.

Délice Scallop hat and Boater Scallop hat are inspired by Jean Royère whimsical furniture artworks. A nautical vibe is highlighted with a strand of organic cotton tailored to the shape of scallop, trimmed with color embroidered border.

Woven shell wonders

A unique blend of intricate craftsmanship and ocean-inspired style, the shell bra and shell dress carries the spirit of the summer beachside escapade. The rippled texture of a scallop shell, handwoven from raffia, ignites a sultry confidence as you move.

Little treasures

In the shape of lovely aquatic creatures crafted with hands, Leinné’s little treasures evoke the whimsical beauty of the seabed. Wearing lovely scallop earrings, or hanging the charm on your bag, a touch of the seashore's magic can be yours to keep.

World Oceans Day is held every year on 8th June to raise awareness about the critical role oceans play in our lives and the very real threats they face.

The consequences of plastic pollution to the oceans are dire. Marine animals mistake plastic debris for food, leading to entanglement, suffocation, and internal blockages. Microplastics, tiny fragments formed when plastic degrades, enter the food chain, potentially harming human health. Coral reefs, vital marine ecosystems, are especially vulnerable. Plastic entanglement can damage delicate coral polyps, hindering their growth and survival. The fact is clear: plastic is damaging to both our oceans and our health.

But what does a fashion brand have to do with this?

Imagine earth is like an island, if we keep dumping, where all that is gonna go? We get rubbish out of our eyes but it doesn't disappear. It goes to landfill then to the ocean, our water, our fishes, ends up in our bodies.

Sometimes change comes from a slow, logical process of gathering information (rational level). But other times, a powerful feeling or experience can spark a rapid change of heart. With every design choice, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for the ocean and encourage a collective responsibility for its preservation. It's a responsibility we take seriously, one that extends beyond the clothing itself.

Mimi Minh Nguyen, Creative director

Upcycled packaging

Leinné is implementing a series of sustainable packaging solutions. Instead of plastic packaging, we opt instead for fabric dust bags and paper puffs that can be used as your daily shopping bag. 

The puffs used to inflate their bags and hats are made from recycled nylon. 

We prioritize biodegradable materials, ensuring our packaging crumbles harmlessly back into the earth at the end of its lifecycle. These efforts showcase Leinné's dedication to minimizing their environmental impact and promoting eco-conscious fashion.

Designed with circularity in mind

We're committed to sustainable practices throughout our entire design and production process.

We meticulously choose materials with a lower environmental impact. Organic cotton, linen, silk, and natural raffia grace our garments, ensuring both comfort and eco-friendliness.

We partner with skilled artisans who employ age-old techniques. This not only adds unique beauty to each piece but also supports the preservation of these valuable skills and empowers the communities. We adhere to fair-trade principles, ensuring artisans receive fair wages and work in safe conditions.

A considered approach

Along with using natural and upcycled materials, the way the brand seamlessly blends new designs with past favorites is also a sustainable business approach. 

Leinné creative director Mimi Minh Nguyen shared: “I like the transition between seasons, collections, the growth and development of something rather than sudden changes. I like having new things gradually so that every time customers visit they see the new living in harmony with the things they have seen. I like consistency and the completion of a weekly commitment. That is my definition of sustainability.”

The ocean is the very breath of our planet, both for our environment and our souls. It’s a reminder of our connection to the natural world. Through our design and practice, we hope to inspire the appreciation for our oceans. Because even the deepest depths can be awakened by a collective wave of change.

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