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Canarium Lantern portable cup holder

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This joyful shape is inspired by the childhood Canarium latern of art director Mimi-Minh. Carrying your drink with you is green, but now it can be chic, too. Colour and pattern will be a surprise in the colour theme selected.


Origin: Vietnam
Color: Various
Uniquely hand crafted with selective upcycled materials from our Refinity Community program. Each piece will be a surprise.


Upcycled Fabrics

About the collection

As sustainability is our core value, Leinné creates a sustainable and fashionable Refinity by Leinné line includes recyling creations what we call Everyday cool objects, which are made from old clothing items from our customers donation: a headband, lunch bag, coffee cup carrier and endless possibility.

Join Refinity Community where you can contribute by donating your old clothes and enjoy the shopping leisure with a voucher reward for your contribution.

Unique size

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