Iconic Saigon Editions

Explore the beauty of iconic Saigon architecture with Leinné designs on our colorful Saigon Edition postcards.

The Classic Hats

Elegant and minimal, Masculin hat has a unique form made by Leinné experienced craftsmanship in our 20-year-old atelier in Saigon. The hat is unisex and can be worn with almost any outfit.

Inspired by fluttering chrysanthemum petals and the gentle symphony between sun and wind, Daisy is a subtle touch to give a lady-like look to an outfit.

In the movie L'amant (1992), on the scene of a girl on a ferry from Sa Dec to Saigon, there is an unforgettable wide-brimmed male hat that Jane March wore. This scene has inspired L'amant hat in Leinné's Aup Natural line: masculine shape combined with a wide brim that cinematically frames the face.

Available only in limited editions, Bianca is a classic and sophisticated touch to a feminine outfit.

Inspired by the famous Hollywood Sunset Boulevard, this hat is hand-made with colourful spontaneous details, inspired by the city of dreams. Made from upcycled fabrics, eco-dyed fabrics and cotton drill, Sunset Boulevard hat would make a city girl style.

The Little Bags Party

Anja displayed lasting values over time, through the Pont du Gard bridge image on the belt and classic form. With a removable strap that is flexible, bringing a complete feeling when embracing the bag shape, Anja is a great choice when combined with soft and long dresses, elegant but still outstanding for night parties.

Lalaland handbag recalls the famous movie for its decorative finesse touches, layers and harmonies of dreamy colors. The improvisation of colors, soft and tender in every touch, is like the romance in a bittersweet tunnel of love.

Inspired by the beauty of the leopard, Leopard Dance square handbag is crafted with eco fur, blending with cotton in wool. Uniquely fun and wild, Leopard Dance is dynamic in its own way, carrying the inevitable appeal to modern woman.

The perfect combination of jewelry and bag in the minimal shape with spontaneous details depicts an imaginary star city sky.. Thinking of the Stars necklace bag is crafted with natural Raffia, eco linen and a touch of selective pieces for highlight details. Wear it on your necklace, crossbody or even link as a bag charm to complete a unique contemporary style.

Delight of the senses are embraced by the design of Sesame with a minimalist form. Sesame shows the cheerful spirit of the evening parties, whether in a land sea or heart of the city.

Leinné Tết - Áo dài mix&match

Du Xuân

Gentle and graceful with the elegant ao dai from Rosemary and the lyrical Délice Classic 2.0 hat.

Combined with a minimalist Bucket Cabas bag, the Spring outfit will bring a cross between typical traditional style and novel modernity.

Dạo Bước

The delicate handcrafted details on the Sandra mini bag, combined with the modern design of Carolyn heels, will give you an extremely attractive blend.

Carolyn heels

€127,92 EUR

With a touch of the sweetness from the Amber hat, this is the elegance you are looking for in the first days of Spring.

Viễn Đông

Leinné has sent our love for Saigon into the harmony of the artisanal sophisticated designs and the traditional ao dai on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Midi Festa raffia bag

€285,00 EUR

Phố Quen

She walks down the street with vibrant colors for Spring days. Delicate Daisy hat and unique Sunrise bag design with harmonious colors. A perfect blend of classic sense and beauty of the times.

Daisy raffia hat

€175,00 EUR

Sunrise raffia bag

€425,00 EUR

Chợ Tết

She elegantly walked through the Tet Market in the traditional Ao Dai, with a little sweetness of the romantic Rosie hat design.

Rosie raffia hat

€485,00 EUR

The symphonic blend of raffia and rattan material soften the squareness of the basket body, carefully deliver your sincere wishes with our Blossom raffia basket.

Leinné Hometown's Delights

Not all those who wander are lost

“Not all those who wander are lost”, every step is a journey to discover new things with open eyes. Leinné's design is always unique, like new experiences received in each trip.Take a stroll through the locations near Leinné store to feel the energy of the city.

Ben Thanh Market - Spirit of the town

Ben Thanh Market - an old market with Saigon’s energy. As a busy trading place, Ben Thanh market still has a peaceful look of a French architectural work thanks to its hundreds of years of history and culture.

Sandra hat has a pure beauty of the morning when the rays of sunlight peek through the window. Made from thoughtful artisanal creativity, the hat shines the tranquility of the city.

A peaceful attic - Okkio Caffe

Nearby Ben Thanh Market, a place to quietly watch the clock tower, Okkio Caffe nestled in a beautiful old attic. Among the bustling avenue, the mysterious spiral staircase leads up to a room filled with light and the scent of roasted coffee beans.

A place to heal your soul. Watching every streak of sunlight shining through the large window, this place is definitely an ideal station for your spring outing.

Sesame bag limited edition - A bag that captures the cheerful spirit of afternoon parties, whether in the remote seas or the city center. Minimalist design so you can flexibly combine with other accessories.

Ho Chi Minh City Hall - The timeless building

The Hall was built in the typical Renaissance style of European architecture in the early 20th century. Located in a position adjacent to three streets Dong Khoi, Le Thanh Ton, Pasteur, the headquarters of the City People's Committee is an architectural highlight for the city center.

Huge clock tower, sophisticated carvings, and classical arched doors, the building possesses the timeless beauty of Saigon.

Malory fabric hat - an elegant and modern fabric hat made from soft, cool materials. An ideal accessory for outdoor walks.

Full circle headband is made from natural raffia, embracing the beauty of a modern woman. Easily combined with ao dai, the design exudes elegance and hidden charm.

Connecting Places

Places that connect people and city.

Le Thanh Ton Street

With the busiest atmosphere in Ho Chi Minh City, Le Thanh Ton Street is a walking path leading to the side of Ben Thanh Market. The road accurately conveys the soul and rhythm of life here.

Nam Giao Restaurant

Located in the lane of 136 Le Thanh Ton, the long-standing restaurant named Nam Giao is a familiar destination to enjoy Hue’s food. A small bowl of water with everyday fresh flowers placed on the table creates a cozy feeling, making people want to slowly feel the taste of Vietnamese cuisine after a long day walking around the city.

Fellix lunch bag - a lovely handy bag made from pure raffia and soft fabric. The elegance and youthfulness from Fellix lunch bag will make ao dai more modern and interesting.

By experience we find out a short way by a long wandering.

Roger Ascham

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