The Lady

The lady approaches you with her effortless elegance.

Playful and mysterious, she's enchanting in her own way.

A woman of many nuances, selecting a gift for her seems to be a not-so-easy task. 

That’s why we are here to help.

Her secret to getting it right is surprisingly simple: invest in elevated pieces that work effortlessly. Things that represent her femininity best.


Daisy raffia hat


A timeless wardrobe staple, hats give the lady the freedom to express different aspects of her soul. Hats have a way of elevating an outfit, like the bow on top of a present or the salt on the rim of a nice, cold Margarita.

More than just an accessory, a hat has a life of its own with intimacy offered to its owner by the way it frames the face.

And bags. Nothing is more dear to a woman than her bag, to have and to hold. Slipping seamlessly into her wardrobe, Leinné stylish bags from natural, sustainable materials are loving objects she can keep close to her heart for years to come. 

These unique pieces are lovingly handcrafted by our artisans and designed with sustainability in mind, celebrating the woman’s femininity.  

Sunkissed bouquet

A joyful design with a classic inspiration from Chanel hats in 1910, Aimée captures the eye with its lovely rounded crown adorned with loose straps in color. 

You can pair Aimée with a soft dress and enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin – be that by the beach, on the balcony or in your garden. 

Aimée raffia hat



Refined silhouette

Timeless and elegant, Audrey raffia fedora hat is creased in a quirky and spontaneous touch on a classic silhouette. 

Audrey proves the perfect transition piece from warm-weather wardrobe to delicate, contemporary pieces, such as a gray high-collar wool or trendy knitwear.


Sunshine muse

Sandra downturn brim raffia hat is reminiscent of the early morning sun peeking through the window, filling the room with warm and pleasant light. It contains the pureness and poetry of unpolished natural materials and thoughtful artisanal creativity.

Delicate and refined, Sandra jazz up your outfits, from polished pantsuits for work to casual weekend looks.


Inner harmony

Inspired by the daisy petals fluttered, like a gentle symphony between the sun and wind. Bright, relaxing and profound, Daisy raffia hat is the subtle touch that ultimately draws the harmonious beauty. This subtle design is accented by its meticulous brim.

Daisy can go with a striped tee, a breezy maxi dress or a cardigan to give you a refined refresh from the usual humdrum work and life pattern.

Daisy raffia hat



New romantic

Anja portable raffia straw bag-clutch takes inspiration from the feeling of fulfilment to the touch, a welcome to life and a passion for discovering new things. 

With a detachable strap, Anja can be worn in many ways, whether you let it rest on your shoulder or carry it in-hand. Its clean lines make it a starting point for a myriad of stylish outfits no matter where you go.

Anja raffia clutch



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