No matter who she is and what her everyday style is, she can not resist the charm of floral motifs and eye-catching designs bringing Bohemian style of the 70s.With the raffia characteristic of inherent natural rustiness, Leinné creates hats and bags with extraneous forms and details which are inspired by nature and surrounding images.

Riviera represents the spirit of freedom and fun we have found in French Riviera coastline.Designed with a wide rim of the '70s, it shields your face and your shoulders. You may think of maxi dresses on the beach.

Thanks to the neutral tone of the leather band, the hat can be mixed with colorful palazzo pants, offering delicately flowy outfit on the cruise.

“A girl and Paulo bag” is as cheerful and comfortable as “ a French girl and baguettes”.

The bag with a compact shape can contain essential items, such as a handphone, a keychain or some lipsticks.

The inside floral layer highlights outside raffia form. Something fun and adorable is hidden for you to discover. Open the cap and you’d definitely be in love with it!

Paulo bag applicably goes with ruffle dresses and even the basic white shirt. The outfit becomes liberal and still gentle and cheerful.

The palm-tree-inspired design with a frayed band brings a unique and eye-catching look.Distinctive bucket form requires the skilled technique to make the round form which is capacious for more than essentials. You can put in your handkerchiefs and even mini-sized perfume!

With its striking revealing, Simon highlights your basic outfit. Whether it is a smocking dress or a plain shirt, a comfortable jeans, the bag always complete your Bohemian look.

The hat is inspired by the rice fields of the Mekong. The fringe detail fringed and the casual form bring the rustic breeze of the countryside.

Mekong Lush can be mixed with minimal shirts and trousers and especially with feminine dresses. You will be impressed by the harmony of style contrast. The unique look that you should try at least once.