Leinné Space - A place of the senses


The connection to each design is the moment your senses awaken, whether by a look or a touch for the first time.

Leinné apartment offers a place of senses. You can feel the hidden story of designs and find your connection to them. You can be inspired by the decoration and recharge your energy.


A sense of calmness

Calmness starts when we enjoy the moment by yourself, fully looking at the simple things and enjoy their beauty that you did not find out.

Calmness is when sitting with friends, chatting and sipping tea. Simple day becomes beautiful.

Details make a difference

The art line of handy works, raffia pattern, the curves ...

The details which are highlighted or in harmony, together tell the story, the inspiration of each hat and bag.

The details are the hallmark of Leinné designer and the craftsmen’s soul. The details are as subtle as the space around.

A place for inspiration and recharge your energy

Energy originates from spontaneous inspirations. When reading a meaningful book. When touching memorable items.

Books open your worldview.

Items motivate your inner desire.

Scent of nature

It sometimes reminds us of a place, just because of the familiar scent.

The scent of raffia, of the tree wall.

Leinné space brings scent of nature that you will never forget.


We find a place to hide by the feelings of the light?

We find Leinné by the shades of warming light.

The natural sunlight and the set up light, leaving the space cozy, pleasant.

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